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Harmonica Tabs & Video Lesson

Updated on August 15, 2011 flickr just a cool picture of youth playing harmonica I liked flickr just a cool picture of youth playing harmonica I liked

In this short article I will be illustrating why it is cool to play the harmonica. I have owned mine a year now and I'm always on the eye out for different versions of harmonica music, especially hip hop because its a cool music genre amongst young people. I heard a song by Aesop Rock so I figured I would try and learn the tune, however I'm not sure exactly what key its played in, could 'G' but my 'SilverStar' 'G' harp is a cheapy so I decided to play in 'C'..seems to sound close enough.

Harmonica should be promoted amongst youngsters in an urban setting, because many of them who do graffiti, breakdance or skateboard etc spend most of their time on the move which makes it hard to carry a big bulky instrument, yet you can keep a harp in your pocket at all times. Plus I think you can get some funky looking ones like my MarineBand I photographed for the last Harmonica hub, the little shiney engravings are quite flashy!

*Please excuse the fact that my tutorial video is no longer present, I started a new Youtube channel and accidently deleted my old one, I will get around to filming me playing in the future, for now I have left the tab for you to practice.


-4 -4 4 -3 -4  3 -3      -4 -4 4 -3 3

3  -3  -4 -4  4 4  -3  3   -4 4  -3 3

Try and slide quickly from holes 3 and -4 in that last part, also try bending notes where appropriate. wiki wiki

Types of Harmonica

People use many different kinds of harmonica, A couple of of quality models are the 'Golden Melody' by Hohner and another is 'Lee Oskar', but you can buy a ones with more holes such as The octave one pictured above which allows you to play in more than one key. You can buy cross harps for blues, echo harps which is pretty self explanitory and chromatic harmonica's which have a button to change keys(Stevie Wonder uses them a lot). I usually use the regular 10 hole Diatonic one, but I recntly found a Echo Harp one up in our attic and it must of been made during the war because it belonged to my grandad, its called  The BandMaster and has the initials DRWZ and made in Germany printed on it.


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    • Beth100 profile image


      8 years ago from Canada

      Cool! Each of my children own one, and I have one, but never really learned how to play one. Now, I can "wow" them with the tablature!! And, great videos! Thanks! :)


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