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Hip Hop Press Release

Updated on August 7, 2017
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The term hip hop has gained a completely new meaning in this era of modernization. MC Random is one of the contemporary artists of music industry. He is from Pasenda CA and has been making music since 25 years. He is laced with a vast knowledge of hip hop, beat producing, and forming the lyrics. Mc Random is publishing his music through flourish$prosper music group.

His motto is “No more formulas, no more repetitive rhymes, no more wack beats, no more NONSENSE!! This movement stands to change the evolution of a revolution!”

He wants to entertain, inform and contribute to the music industry. Let’s have a quick glance at the overall contribution of MC random to music industry before breaking an exciting news!

In 2005, he contributed to the featuring and presenting of the song on the grid of Tunnel Rats’ album named Both Sides with the collaboration of Thump street records. In 2006 he actively contributed to the writing an arrangement of a song “Live this” in the album “Foot soldier” by Po No Mo with the collaboration of Antagonist records. He also played his part in writing and arrangement of three more songs from the same album. In 2008, he contributed to the album Independent’s day by Area 51 with the correspondence of Raptalk records. This is not all, He also worked for the production of the same album back in 2008.

Recently, Random has released an album grumpy old man. It’s a hip hop music album by flourish $ prosper distributors and the distribution has been made by the flourish /4 prosper group. The main genre is rap and hip hop while the sub genre of the album is west coast hip hop. The Album has 11 tracks.

After the production of Grumpy Old Man MC has promised his fans and followers an even better album named “Remember hip hop”. The name suggests that it is some kind of tribute to the old hip hop artists and days (Just a wild guess) and it will make all the hip hop fans nostalgic for sure. The Album is being released as a part of random summer series. In Random summer series 9 albums are being dropped in every week of the summer. 1 album per week all summer long!

The Album will be released on 28th of July 2017. It will be available on all streaming platforms including spotify, tidal and apple music. You can also pre-order the album on iTunes, google PlayStore and Amazon. This album is only a third in Random series. So just hold your breath for more surprises coming your way this summer.

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