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Hip Hop Shoes

Updated on April 6, 2013


For instance take Run DMC who was a major hip-hop musician back in the day. He really prefers to wear a pair of Adidas more than any other brand shoes, and he even made a song to profess his love for the Adidas shoe brand.

He wasn't only one who took a liking to Adidas around that time period though, as you had many other artists who also adapted to wearing Adidas in their on stage clothing as well as videos.

As you can see in the image to the right, run DMC's entire entourage is also wearing Adidas shoes.

Why Shoes?

are very important part of a outfit especially for a musician who depends a lot on their appearance to help them influence more fans to make more money with more album sales and shows.

Not only do it about rappers and musicians like particular shoes personally, but many of them also have designers and stylists on their staff who help to dress for performances.

Bet you didn't know?

Bet you didn't know that many of the shoes that are popular today are even in business for that matter is only because of certain hip-hop artist and groups that have promoted those brands inside of their songs and videos.

Take for instance Wu-Tang Clan and their music, they are responsible largely for the success of the Clark's Wallabee shoes. In fact, Clark's Wallabees was about to go out of business and bankruptcy right before Wu-Tang Clan resurrected their business with citing them inside of their songs.

Waka Flocka's Shoes

Whats your favorite shoe brand?

Whats your favorite shoe brand?

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Drake wearing Nike Air Force Ones


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