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History of Jessie from Team Rocket in Pokémon

Updated on August 26, 2010

Team Rockets Jessie

Team Rocket players, Jessie, James, and also Meowth will most certainly be a number of the most well known Pokémon baddies, however you have to ponder, exactly where do these people originate from? This is everything about Jessie.

Jessie's mum is called Miyamoto and she was a top-level Team Rocket adviser. The minute Jessie must have been about the age of four, Miyamoto departed for a quest into the Andes in order to make a document on the evasive Pokémon, Mew. Unfortunately, immediately after Miyamoto vanished, Jessie ended up being placed into a foster house that had almost no funds. There have been times when she had no option but to eat snow due to a not enough healthy meals.

As soon as she was of sufficient age, she left home to turn into a new Pokémon nurse around Johto. Unfortunately, the college she was enrolled in appeared to be actually for Pokémon nurses, consequently she didn't graduate and quit, abandoning a new friend she met there. Inside the episode Ignorance is Blissey, Jessie ended up being reunited with that friend, that had since developed right into a Blissey. The assumption is that she therefore went back to Kanto, at which she enrolled with Pokémon Tech, a Trainer's university, she met James, and this is why she failed and dropped out. Following this, Jessie along with James became a member of a bike gang in Sunny Town, where Jessie had been best-known for throwing a chain over her head while she rode her bicycle, getting the nickname "Chainer Jess".

Team Rockets Jessie
Team Rockets Jessie

On account of clashes amongst Kanto and Johto episodes and also the special episode Training Daze, just what exactly took place between Jessie and James following the bicycle gang is not known. What exactly is known, once revealed in the special episode, is that they became a member of Team Rocket independently and seemed to be on at first unfriendly terms after being teamed together with Meowth however they promptly made up and ended up best friends. At some point before becoming a member of Team Rocket, and it's not known when, Jessie received the Tournament Pass in the Hoenn area.

Jessie exploding in anger, again
Jessie exploding in anger, again

Jessie get angry

Jessie can be considered incredibly vain and is also at risk of explosive anger. She treasures her looks, and she gets furious whenever the girl's face or even hair is ruined, like in The Tower of Terror and A Tail with a Twist. Any time such things happen, she might carry out things like beat up a Pokémon like Meowth. In addition, Jessie will go right into a violent outrage any time somebody insults the girl's good looks by calling her old, like in the show The Battling Eevee Brothers - Misty yells out that Jessie is an "old hag". She spat fire in violent rage after Misty called her that name in that episode. She's likewise angered when missions are typically unsuccessful or messed up, which is a frequent thing, compared to her team mates who are normally sad when they fail at anything. This anger was greatly shown inside the Indigo League, Orange Islands and also part of the Johto League adventure.

Jessie and James are both in the game Pokémon Yellow as game bosses. They initially attack the key character in Mt. Moon, and tried to steal some rare fossils found there. Afterwards, in Celadon City's Rocket Game Corner, Jessie and James protect Giovanni's place inside the Team Rocket base. Through that moment, when the gamer runs into them, they're wanting payback after the chief character broke up their plans in Mt. Moon. They keep Mister. Fuji hostage in Pokémon Tower. They attack the main figure on the 7th level. As a final point, in Silph Company, Jessie and James come up with their very last appearance, yet again attempting to stop the leading person from getting their Boss. As opposed to the cartoon, Jessie and James tend not to follow the main character and construct their typical wicked ideas to catch Pikachu.

Team Rockets Jessie going crazy

Team Rockets theme song

To protect the world from devastation! ..

.. To unite all people within our nation!

To denounce the evils of truth and love ..

.. To extend our reach to the stars above



Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light..

..Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth that's right!

Team Rockets best member

Which is Team Rockets best member - I think it is Jessie of course

See results

Any comments or got some info about Pokemon's Jessie

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    • Coaster profile image

      Coaster 7 years ago from All around Australia

      thanks Jon, yes Pokémon is cool isn't it?

    • profile image

      Jon 7 years ago

      Pokémon on TV is so cool.


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