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History of the Sith. Sith lords and the rule of two. In opposition to the Jedi in Star wars. Masters of the dark side.

Updated on October 28, 2014
Sith powers
Sith powers | Source

Where did it all begin?

Skere Kaan was a Jedi knight who came to the understanding that true power didn't lay in the mentality of contemplation and passivity as the jedi believed. Instead, if they tapped into the dark side and its vast potential, then they could harness a power that even Jedi could only dream of. He was outcast from the order of Jedi for this radical theories he preached.

He soon found other Jedi that would follow him though and the Brotherhood of Darkness was set up. It rose to power swiftly in a time of the Galactic Republic's Dark age. Kaan had to concede rule over the Sith to more powerful Sith knights, Qordis and Kopecz and so the Brotherhood was ruled by a council of Sith Lords, and constantly battled the Jedi order until both armies were decimated at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.

This state of affairs continued for centuries with both sides facing annihilation at different times. At a time where it was growing dim for the Sith Council a new Sith stood tall and proposed a wave of telekinetic energy would wipe out the Jedi forces. This Sith's name was Bane and he was used as a conduit for this plan. It worked extremely well until Kaan decided to stop and wipe out the Jedi with more conventional means. The Jedi could now fight to a stalemate.

Bane became disillusioned with the leadership of the Brotherhood and quickly moved to destroy it. Bane tricked the Brotherhood into making a thought bomb. Once all their forces were inside a cave system Kaan and the council lords lost control of this devastating weapon and couldn't escape before it ignited. In one instant, the entire Brotherhood of the Sith and a majority of the Jedi Order who had fought them in the cave system were killed outright.

"Kaan was a traitor. He turned his back on the very essence of the dark side." Darth Bane.

Darth Bane
Darth Bane | Source

And then starts the Sith legacy we know - the rule of two.

Darth Bane:

Dessel was born in 1026 BBY on the Outer Rim planet Apatros. He was raised as a poor miner. After years of abuse from his father he eventually killed him using the powers of the force to give him a heart attack.

After escaping off world so he wouldn't be imprisoned for killing a man, he found safety as a soldier in the Gloom Walkers unit. He was later took to the Sith Academy on Korriban when they discovered his aptitude with the force. Here he was renamed Bane and became one of the best students in the academy.

After trying to help the Sith order to defeat the Jedi order he became disillusioned with the leadership and with knowledge he had obtained from the holocron of Darth Revan, he set about destroying the Brotherhood of darkness.

Once this goal was achieved he instituted a Rule of Two, which stated that there could by only two Sith to avoid the infighting that had plagued the Sith for millennia. One to achieve power and one to seek that power. This way the Sith would always be the best of the best and the weak would only be ruled over by them.

Darth Bane adopted cunning, subterfuge and stealth as the fundamental strengths of the Sith Order.

Eventually he took on an apprentice named Darth Zannah. Together they spent the majority of their time seeking knowledge and artifacts of ancient Siths as well as fleeing from Jedi attacks.

After a decade of this Bane believed his apprentice was too weak to want to take power from him and so he searched for another apprentice. He vastly underestimated her though as they had a final confrontation on Ambria. After an epic battle Zannah triumphed and killed Bane to become a Sith Lord.

Master: He was a graduate of the Sith academy

Apprentice: Darth Zannah

Fate: Killed in an epic duel with his apprentice.

Darth Zannah
Darth Zannah | Source

Darth Zannah

Rain was a human female from the planet Somov Rit. She fought on the side of the Jedi's army of the Light during the Ruusan campaign. When the Brotherhood of Darkness had unleashed a planet-wide Force Storm she saved herself and a native called Laa by enveloping them both in a force bubble.

Laa was killed later by Jedi scouts who found Rain in a rage and killed them, leading to her giving into the dark side. This attracted the attention of Darth Bane who decided to take her as his apprentice and become Darth Zannah.

After killing Darth Bane, she found that part of him still lived on in her. She was the new Sith Lord and took on Darth Cagnus as her apprentice.

Master: Darth Bane

Apprentice: Darth Cagnus

Fate: Died in an epic duel with her apprentice

Darth Cognus

A female Iktotchi assassin, the Huntress, was hired by Princess Serra to track down Darth Bane after the annihilation of the Sith Order. With a score of mercenaries she ambushed Bane and immobilized him with senflax poison. He was then taken to the Stone Prison on Doan.

However she had a change of heart and went to find him and yielded before him, believing that her destiny was interlinked with that of Darth Bane. He accepted her pleases to be taught in the was of the SIth.

Together they escaped the prison and flew to Ambria where she took up the name Darth Cognus. Before she could begin her training Darth Zannah arrived and they battled for supremacy. Seeing that they were evenly matched she did not get involved but decided to ally herself with the winner.

Darth Zannah promised to complete her training. Years later she killed Darth Zannah in another epic battle for supremacy to become the new Sith Lord.

Years after that she took on an apprentice herself, a three eyed human mutant called Darth Millennial, although she was forced to disavow him for breaking the ultimate rule, the Rule of Two.

Once Darth Millennial left due to disagreements with his master she took on another who is unknown.

Master: Darth Zannah

Apprentice: Darth Millennial and another of unknown name.

Fate: Unknown

Darth Millennial
Darth Millennial

Darth Millennial

A three-eyed mutant, Darth Millennial was powerful in the force and had the ability to see into the future. However, he became disillusioned with the Rule of Two because he felt it too restrictive and saw more sense in Lord Kaan's rule by the strong. This he argued with his master Lord Zannah on many occasions. Eventually this led to blows and Millennial abandoned his master and fled to the planet of Dromund Kaas where he persuaded many force users to his cause.

Millennial settled in this swamp world and spent most of his time contemplating Kaan's ideas. He used other teaching of Plaristes and Dak Ramis to start a new religion and called themselves the Prophets of the Dark Side. Many non-believers were killed in the name of purging the universe.

He went on to live for almost a millenia and his teaching continued after his death. His disciples were employed by Darth Sideous and advisers when he was emperor.

Master: Darth Cognus

Apprentice: He trained many in the arts but never an apprentice

Fate: Died after living for nearly 1000 years and becoming the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side.

Darth Vectivus
Darth Vectivus | Source

Darth Vectivus

We know little of this Sith Lord apart from the fact that he was supposed to be a shrewd but fair business man on a mine colony housed on an asteroid near Bimmiel.

The dark energies of the asteroid might have had something to do with his fall to the dark side. He studied and experimented during this time. Miners went insane from his influence before he eventually shut down the mine and departed to study more. He returned as Darth Vectivus.

Master: unknown

Apprentice: Unknown

Fate: He lived out his life on the asteroid studying but surrounded by his loved ones.

Darth Gravid
Darth Gravid | Source

Darth Gravid

There is much missing in the knowledge of the Sith's, this includes knowledge of who the Sith were and their history. One reason for this might be because of Darth Gravid!

A male human known as Darth Gravid when he fell to the dark side he was a master of Sith lore and as such he had the knowledge to transfer one's consciousness to another body.

He eventually took a Twi'lek female as his apprentice and named her Darth Gean. Together they constructed a fortress on Jaguada.

Unlike other Sith Lords however, he believed that ultimate commitment to the dark side would be the Sith's undoing. He therefore studied Jedi lores too. This had the effect of him going insane and so he began to hide Sith teachings, artifacts and holocrons to save the Sith Order from destruction.

While he attempted to destroy Sith artifacts in his fortress he was stopped by his apprentice. They dueled but Gravid injured Gean by chopping of her arms, left side of her face and hacked into her chest. Gean was successful in killing her master though despite these dreadful injuries.

He would go down in Sith law for generations after though because the destruction of so much Sith knowledge would have consequences for every Sith Lord who followed.

Master: Unknown

Apprentice: Darth Gean

Fate: Killed in an epic duel with his apprentice.

Darth Gean
Darth Gean | Source

Darth Gean

After her epic duel with her former master Darth Gean acquired prosthetics to replace her lost limbs and had her face and chest reconstructed at great cost.

She eventually took up an apprentice of her own as fitting with the Rule of Two, but their name is unknown. Together they continued to try to topple the Jedi unsuccessfully.

Master: Darth Gravid

Apprentice: Unknown

Fate: Unknown

Darth Tenebrous
Darth Tenebrous | Source

Darth Tenebrous

Again there is some missing history on who was Darth Tenebrous' master but it is known they devoted themselves to the 'grand plan'. Even studying a virus that would disconnect any Jedi from the force, although alternately this was a failure.

Rugess Nome was a starship designer, but this was to hide his identity as a Sith apprentice.

Once he had no use for his master he killed him. Then he set to manipulate the an agent from the InterGalactic Bank by setting him up with his future wife. Their child, as he knew he would be, was strong in the force. He convinced his parents to hand him over and named his apprentice Darth Plagueis.

When on the planet Bal'demnic Plagueis set forth to kill his master. He broke his neck eventually as Darth Tenebrous was left disappointed that he put the work of the Sith in peril by his actions.

However, this was not the end of Tenebrous, as he learned how to survive after death by altering the midi-chlorians. But these midi-chlorians didn't migrate into the force but instead migrated to Plagueis. He never suspected or felt Tenebrous' consciousness though and tried to use his powers of foresight. This terrified him though as he saw Plegueis' demise at the hand of his own apprentice.

He escaped his body and went back to his mummified body. Here he relived his death over and over again, a fate worse than death.

Master: Unknown

Apprentice: Darth Palgueis

Fate: Tried to cheat death by using the midi-chlorines to preserve his conciseness in this world, but only partially successful at doing it because he is now forced to relive his own death over and over again.

Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis | Source

Darth Plagueis

Darth Tenebrous had sort out the right kind of apprentice for the grand scheme. He successfully manipulated a couple to have a son and took him to train him.

Born on Mygeeto, Hego Damask was taken from his parents at the early age of 5. He was known as Darth Plagueis from then on. He traveled the galaxy with his master to carry out the Sith plan of spreading discontent and therefore get it ready for when the Sith would take their rightful place as rulers.

Darth Plagueis inherited his fathers fortunes and used these resources to aid the Sith cause. All the time Darth Tenebrous studied in trying to prolong his life, and therefore didn't dedicate his time to teaching his apprentice, instead just sent him on missions that allowed him to learn the arts of survival.

Darth Plagueis took up this mantle and dedicated his life to manipulate the force to extend his own life after murdering his master.

No one knows how long he lived for but he did extend his life for many generations, he also studied how to create new life from the midi-chlorians that influence the force.

Eventually he took an apprentice and named him Darth Sidious who eventually killed him in his sleep.

Master: Darth Tenebrous

Apprentice: Darth Sidious

Fate: Killed in his sleep by his apprentice

Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious | Source

The last in the line of Sith Lords - Darth Sidious

Probably the most famous of all Sith Lords because of the Star Wars films, Darth Sidious started life as an ambassador of Naboo. He rose to power as Palpatine and was the last Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, which he manipulated to gain supreme power to become the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

A calculating man, he had an ability to see the future and manipulate all around him. He slowly built up power by controlling others. It was under his Lordship that the Sith reached their alternate goal and eradicated the Jedi order.

Millions of innocent lives were lost in the clone wars, which were started to speed up his advance to power. During this time he took a few apprentices, like Darth Maul. Later he took Darth Tyranus, who started the clone wars - Darth Sidious was indeed the instigator on both sides of this war, as Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of the Independent Systems.

This allowed to him to gain ultimate power in being elected special powers and he installed himself as Emperor. Later he took the chosen one as his apprentice and named him Darth Vadar.

He remained in power for many years before Darth Vadar eventually killed his master by throwing him down a shaft on the second Death Star to save his son.

Master: Darth Palgueis

Apprentice: Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, Darth Vadar

Fate: Killed by his apprentice by being thrown down a shaft in the second death star before it blew up.

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As you can see, being a Sith Lord is a dangerous business with how many of them have been killed by their apprentice. This was foreseen by Darth Bane though with his Rule of Two. This ensured that the strong will always lead; the apprentice would always want power and therefore want to better themselves all the time which in turn would strengthen the Sith and lead to their altermate goal of destroying the Jedi and having power over everyone.


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      2 years ago

      Awesome article I have learnt a great deal. I would like to ask a quick question though. Does falling to the dark side of the force make you a Sith ?


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