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Hit Channel 4 Show Shameless to End

Updated on October 11, 2012

Frank and the Gang will Wave Goodbye in 2013

It was in 2003 that Channel 4 viewers in the UK were introduced to the fictional Chatsworth Estate in Manchester, home to the now infamous Frank Gallagher. The BAFTA award-winning show has allowed viewers to take a peek into the lives of some of the most dysfunctional characters ever to hit our screens.

Show's Creator Calls Time

The man behind the show, Paul Abbott has now decided to call time on the hit comedy series and has announced that the residents of the Chatsworth will have one last airing in 2013. Creator Paul Abbott has said that it feels like the right time to end Shameless.

The show was an immediate hit with viewers who delighted in seeing Frank's adventures along with those of his drug dealing neighbours. the Maguires. Frank Gallagher (played by David Threlfall) became instantly recognisable in his dirty green parka coat and long straggling black hair. The alcoholic layabout has provided much entertainment getting into all sorts of dilemmas (most of the illegal).

The show has launched the careers of some big name stars including James McAvoy who has gone on to star in Hollywood blockbusters and Maxine Peake who has become a familiar face both on the stage and also as the star of numerous television dramas.

The show has seen many cast changes over its decade-long run and some fans had expressed their feelings that the show had lost some of its appeal when characters left. Head of the Maguire family, Paddy (played by Sean Gilder) was a big part of the show and was the main focus of many story lines. Lovable character, Mickey Maguire, who left at the end of Series 9 was also a fan favourite. Although Paul Abbott hasn't stated it as being a factor for ending the show, it would seem that the feeling amongst fans that the show had run out of steam may have played some part in his decision to finish.

Global Hit

The success of Shameless hasn't only been felt on UK shores, across the pond Shameless was given an American makeover as the format was adapted for American screens. The US version which stars William H. Macy has been well received by American viewers.

For those fans of Shameless who will be sad to see it go, they can take some comfort in having another series to look forward to. The show has become reknowned for its feel-good final episodes each series and no doubt, the series will go out with a bang when its day finally comes in 2013.

Shameless Series 1-7


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