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Hmmmm, Self Imposed Limits.

Updated on January 1, 2010

Hmmm, Self Imposed Limits.



"Hmmmm! only 20 lines, they said,
but a couple of more won't matter,
that sounds easy enough for me

"Shoot!", I've used up three already,
"Yikes!" that's four, and still no subject,
Better not think about that girl,
or it will be fifty lines long,
God, she's so incredibly hot, "Oops!"
that's eight lines, man, this is way too hard
"o.k" here we go...Oh, How ruby apples match her lips,
"S T O P I T"!! , she won't make a good topic
"Wow," 12 lines, I really shouldn't enter at all
My Levis stretch beyond their weave, beneath her heated glance,
inviting her I do believe, to a party in my pants!!
clackety, clackety, clack goes the tabs... zip-pity... sproing
"hey,"* wait, that was a ghost writer
does that count??, that's not fair
my fingers just started typing and
now I got this totally useless poem,
"Shit!" that's 20 lines, sorry!!!???





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    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Haa! This was very funny..but man those images are scary stuff! I understand your rant fully, only with me its seconds on the stopwatch, not lines.