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FINALLY bought an Iphone!!!!

Updated on March 7, 2010

My Iphone

 So I FINALLY got an Iphone!!!!!

Originally wanted to go with Virgin Mobile but the wirelesswave guy told me bell was havin havin a promo and the monthly bill was $55 whereas with Virgin Mobile it woulda been $63 a month and would get less,i downloaded a few cool apps from the app store,bought a few but most were free!,i plan to have this phone for a LONG time,and to ensure that i bought an $80 3 in one case from otterbox where THE WHOLE PHONE is protected!!!!!!!!,so its worth the $80 but its a PAIN to get off if i wanna clean my phone r something like that and its not the best looking case in the world but its something to protect my phone til i find something thats nicer looking lol but other than the uglyness of the case im totally lovin the fact that my whole phone is protected cuz im REALLY anal about that kinda stuff!,one scratch and im freakin out!,i'll post a pic of the case somewhere in this entry

k i found a video instead!:)


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