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Hollyoaks Does Mercedes and Riley Get Married?

Updated on January 21, 2014

If you are a Hollyoaks fan, then the big question on your lips right now is probably, Does Mercedes and Riley get married? and if not then, Who spills the beans on Mercedes and Carl's affair?

The big day finaly arrives, and Riley is excited about marrying the love of his life. Meanwhile Jacqui is giving Mercedes a hard time, telling her to confess all about the affair to Riley, before its to late.

Doug is pleading with Seth to tell Riley the truth, and when Warren threatens Doug with his life if he reveals the truth, Doug decides to do the right thing and rushes of to stop the ceremony. Will he get there on time?

Rob Norbury who plays Riley Costello said Riley has always been a nice guy but he will find the hurt and humiliation to much to deal with. It is not just the fact that his Father has slept with the love of his life that will hurt him, but the fact that so many people close to him already knew about the affair and didn't say anything. Rob says "This could be the first time we see Riley really loose it".

TV Guide says the events of the wedding leave some of the guests riddled with guilt. My guess is Mercedes comes clean about the affair, but things really kick off when Riley discovers who else already knew.

Jennifer Metcalfe who plays Mercedes Mcqueen said the wedding does not run smoothly at all. There are going to be huge repercussions from the day which will last over the next few months.

Who Will Reveal The Affair?

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Hollyoaks Promo - The Wedding

Who Reveals Mercedes Affair to Riley?

There are many residents deciding whether to break the young footballers heart on the biggest day of his life. The main candidates are...

1. Seth Costello- Seth is Riley's best man, and although he is thrilled that his big brother asked him to play this important part in his big day, Seth also knows that his Father has been sleeping with Riley's wife to be. Seth doesn't want to break Riley's heart, but could he change his mind and reveal all in his speech?

2. Jacqui Ashworth- Jacqui is cheif bridesmaid for sister Mercedes, but she also knows about Mercy's affair with Carl. On the day of the wedding, Jacqui tries her best to convince Mercedes that she needs to come clean to Riley before the ceremony. Will Jacqui end up blurting out the truth to spite her sister?

3. Doug Carter- Doug is Riley's best friend, and has been trying to convince Seth in to telling Riley the truth about the affair. Doug wants to do the right thing by Riley but Seth keeps assuring him that it is best to keep the affair secret. However when Warren Fox threatens to kill Doug if he reveals all to Riley, Doug realises that he is being just as bad as the likes of Warren and Carl, and rushes off to stop the wedding and tell his best friend the truth.

4. Warren & Mitzee- Warren has already blackmailed Carl and Mercedes and managed to get fifty grand out of the guilty pair in exchange for his silence. However what they dont know is that Mitzee has written all about Carl and Mercedes affair in her new tell all book. Mitzee genuinely cares for Riley, but her hatred for Carl is making her more ruthless and more determined to bring Carl down on Riley's big day, despite the fact it will hurt and humiliate Riley. Will Mitzees book fall into the wrong hands or will Warren be the one to reveal all?

5. Myra Mcqueen- Myra is not someone who has been considered as the person who reveals the affair, but i think Myra is a live wire and we all know how easily her mouth runs when she has had a drink inside her. Is it possible that Myra has one to many glasses of bubbly and reveals that her daughter slept with Riley's dad?

6. Mercedes Mqueen- After having seen the wedding pictures, one thing that is noticeable is that Mercedes looks very unhappy. Jacqui has been in her ear all morning about telling Riley the truth, could Mercedes be about to confess her sins?

7. Carl Costello- Carl has tried his hardest to conceal his affair from his son, but when the big day arrives will Carl really be able to watch his son marry Mercedes? or will he finally do the right thing and tell his son the truth?

8. Silas- A short promo was aired this week showing Mercedes in her wedding dress and Silas holding up Mitzees tell all book. Silas looks at Mercedes and says "Oh i love a happy ending". The promo also shows Silas comforting his Grandson Riley who is in tears. Could Silas be the one to deliver the bad news to Riley? See the promo video below.

Hollyoaks The Aftermath


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