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Hollyoaks - Does Nurse Lynsey Kill Silas?

Updated on November 18, 2017
Sila's first victim was India
Sila's first victim was India | Source
He then attempted to murder her sister Texas
He then attempted to murder her sister Texas
And then Nancy..............
And then Nancy..............
Lynsey's flat is plunged into darkness
Lynsey's flat is plunged into darkness
Silas steps out from the shadows and grabs his latest victim
Silas steps out from the shadows and grabs his latest victim
After being saved by Riley. Lynsey sleeps round the Costello house where she hears Silas voice and recognises it from her attacker
After being saved by Riley. Lynsey sleeps round the Costello house where she hears Silas voice and recognises it from her attacker
unfortunately no-one believes her and puts it down to shock
unfortunately no-one believes her and puts it down to shock
But later when an angry Riley catches Lynsey snooping through his Grandads stuff he hears something that makes him suspicious
But later when an angry Riley catches Lynsey snooping through his Grandads stuff he hears something that makes him suspicious
when Riley confronts his Grandad, Silas has a heart attack
when Riley confronts his Grandad, Silas has a heart attack
and Nurse Lynsey is in charge of his care
and Nurse Lynsey is in charge of his care
but will she leave him to die??
but will she leave him to die??

Will Lynsey Leave Silas To Die?

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We all knew it wouldn't be long before scary Silas Blissett struck again. As we all know Silas hates woman who behave provocatively, he believes that he should punish them for their sins.

We last saw Silas killing poor India after believing she was just a tart looking for a good time on the Internet. He later discovered from her sister Texas (who he also attempted to murder) that India was in fact a quiet girl, which made Silas feel extremely guilty.

After Texas he attempted to murder Nancy, but was interrupted by her boyfriend Darren. Like most murderers Silas likes to keep a souvenir from his victims, and in India's case it was her daisy ring bought for her by Texas.

We don't really know much about Silas other than he is obviously a maniac who has a deep hate for woman. I am guessing this stems from his Wife who was consequently found murdered in the woods years ago, and while showing his Granddaughter Jasmine a collection of jewelry it contained India's ring as well as his wife's wedding ring, Hmmm!!

This week Silas heard Lynsey Nolan giving out sex advice over the radio, and after hearing her laughing and joking with the teens about all things sexual, Silas takes an instant dislike to the young Nurse, even going as far as to put a complaint into the hospital about her.

Although Lynsey is annoyed that she missed out on a work promotion because of the complaint, she is persuaded to do a live call-in over the web cam, following her popularity on the radio broadcast. Later while Silas is sat in the pub he hears Lynsey talking on the radio and starts ranting about how disgusting he finds it all, he then storms out of the pub leaving his daughter Heidi and her bit on the side Gaz, a bit confused.

Over at her home, Lynsey wears a sexy nurses outfit for the live chat and is busy talking to a caller when she is suddenly plunged into darkness. She gets up to check it out when Silas suddenly appears from the shadows and grabs a shocked Lynsey from behind. A scared Lynsey desperately tries to scream out while Silas holds his hand over her mouth.

Meanwhile, Silas's grandson Riley is in the flat next door with his mate Ethan, and they have already heard Lynseys screams. The two lads break in to her flat and Riley gives chase but Silas gets away unnoticed. When Ethan questions Lynsey she tells him that her attacker yanked a ring of her finger before he ran off. Lynsey says she is to scared to be on her own and so Riley offers her to stay at his place for the night, but while Lynsey is settling down on the sofa she overhears Riley talking to Silas and instantly recognises his voice as her attacker.

When Lynsey reveals that Silas is her attacker no one believes her. Best mate Cheryl puts it down to shock and doesn't believe a kind old man like Silas could be capable of such an act. Meanwhile Silas has decided to return to France to avoid anymore suspicion (yeah that will work). Riley is angry that Lynsey is saying these awful things about his Granddad, and everyone else just thinks she is being paranoid, which makes poor Lynsey more determined than ever to bring Silas to justice, and show him up for what he really is.

Unfortunately clever Silas has cottoned on to Lynsey's plans, and even offers to help the police investigate her allegation.

Lynsey confides in Texas about her fears of Silas, and Texas realises that something is not right with the strange old man. The two girls decide to break into The Dog and search for Lynsey's ring in Silas room, but while the girls are searching an angry Riley catches them and storms out but not before overhearing Texas talk about India's missing Daisy ring that she was wearing the night she was murdered. Riley realises that he saw his Grandad Silas with the same ring she is describing which immediately rouses his suspicions.

Riley's suspicions are growing, and when Gaz tells him that his Grandad was in the pub on the night of Lynsey's attack, ranting and raving about the girl giving out sex advice, Riley decides he needs to confront his Grandad. However when Riley confronts Silas, he has a heart attack and Riley feels really guilty and rushes him to the hospital.

When they get to the hospital, Lynsey gets put in charge of his care. Later Lynsey holds Sila's oxygen mask away from him and wont give it back until the sick man tells her the truth. But will she really leave him to die?

Silas Attacks Lynsey (@BAMtizEms)


Silas Murders Again

While in his hospital bed, struggling to breath, Lynsey withholds the oxygen mask from Silas.

But when Silas's daughter Heidi walks in and catches her in the act, Lynsey worries that she will now loose her job, especially if Silas dies.

Obviously Silas survives and takes a break away back home, but he soon returns ready to cause more carnage. Meanwhile Lynsey has returned to work and gets some diet pills for her best friend Cheryl.

However Silas sees Lynsey giving Cheryl the pills and swaps them for his sedatives, resulting in Cheryl collapsing while alone at Chez Chez. Later, Lynsey finds her friend unconscious and rushes her to hospital, but when they find a high dose of sedatives in Cheryl's blood, Lynsey is left feeling confused and worried.

Cheryl soon makes a full recovery, while Silas sneakily tells her that Lynsey has been self medicating and probably got the tablets mixed up. Cheryl worries that Silas may be right about her friend.

Meanwhile Silas has been back in the chat rooms posing as a guy named David Cox. This time he has been talking to Doug's girlfriend Jenny. Ironically Jenny plans to meet up with Silas so she can drug him and then rob him.

The pair end up meeting in the woods, and while sharing a picnic, Jenny spikes Silas's drink. What she doesn't know, is that Silas has seen her do it, and becomes more determined to teach the gold digger a lesson. Silas then swaps his spiked drink with Jenny's.

While Jenny is going through Silas's bag, she is terrified when she discovers a knife inside, along with rope and some gloves. Silas appears and begins threatening Jenny, she starts to run for her life, but begins to feel woozy from the drink.

Silas catches up with a weak Jenny and strangles her before removing her ring and burying her body in the woods.

It is not long before scary Silas lines up his next victim, who turns out to be none other than Mercedes McQueen, who also happens to be engaged to his Grandson Riley.

Silas tries and fails to hit Mercedes over the head with a candlestick, but I have a feeling he wont stop there.

© 2011 Zoey


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    • profile image

      Nicola Bannister 

      8 years ago

      Hi Silas Hollyoaks is fun watching you playing your charcter but what you did to those girls in the villiage its bad and scary the poor girl like Lynsey she does not destved to be in your games she is not bad people like India Bex Rae and Hidi there do not desteved to die your scrpt is very good intesting and its lovley to have you in Hollyoaks but its going have to coming to the end plase stop think you so much

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      hi silas i just heat the way you do to thos girlcos u make go crasy,why u just came crean to everything u have done is eanath to that go make no woched hollyoaks again cos the way u do to people at the moment when go be the end,dontu think u need someone to tolk if hate bad girl,question what about you doghter if she behave bad are u go kill her as well beacouse every girl can be good and bad so it have stop

    • profile image

      amy jones 

      8 years ago

      hi silas you are to today this back you know that not muderi niedi and roy this kliier me you and got a rig and how it you can it now ending is got this shers wions you dones till you that killer gaing us you


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