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Top 10 Hollywood Actresses

Updated on August 18, 2014

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an American film director and actress. She has received two Screen Actors Guild Awards, an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. She is considered as the ‘’most beautiful’’ woman in the world, and for this title she got a lot of media attention. She made her debut on screen as a child actress with her father Jon Voight in Lookin' to Get Out in 1982 but in reality her career in films began almost ten years later with Cyborg 2 in 1993 and this was a low budget production. She acted in a major film as a leading actress in Hacers in 1995 which was a cyber thriller. She became an action star with Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005 and Wanted in 2008 and also received much critical praise for acting in the dramas – Changeling in 2008 and A Mighty Heart.

2. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an American model and actress and she debuted in films in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. In the year 2007, she co-starred with Mikaela Banes in the Transformers which was a blockbuster film. This movie gave her a big break and she acted again in the 2009 sequel of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. She also starred in the lead role in Jennifer’s Body and in 2012, she did a brief role in The Dictator and in a featured role in ‘This is 40’ which was a comedy. She lent her voice of Lois Lane in Robot Chicken DC Comics Special which was a part of the comedy on television called Robert Chicken and it was aired on September 9, 2012 during the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

3. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Annette Bullock is an American producer and actress who became famous in the nineties after she acted in hit movies like The Net, A Time to Kill, While You Were Sleeping, Speed, Hope Floats and Demolition Man. She was also presented the Best Actress Golden Globe Award, the Academy Award for Best Actress for acting as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Exceptional Performance by a Female Actor in a leading role. She is also listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2012 as the highest paid actress.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American film director, producer and an actress. She earned worldwide fame during the nineties for her role as Rachel Green in Friends, a television serial and she won an Emmy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award for it. She also won the critics praise for her roles in and Friends with Money (2006), Office Space (1999), She's the One (1996), The Good Girl (2002). She also won great fame and success with films like The Break-Up (2006), Marley & Me (2008), Bruce Almighty (2003), Just Go with It in 2011 and Horrible Bosses in 2011. She also received a star on February 22, 2012 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

5. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is an American actress who has done television, theater and lots of films. She is considered as one of the most gifted actresses of all times. She made her stage debut in 1971 in The Playboy of Seville and her film debut with Julia in 1977. She achieved commercial and critical fame with her roles in movies like Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and The Deer Hunter in 1978. For the latter movie, she also won her first Academy Award nomination. She also won the Best Actress Academy Award for her roles in the 1982 Sophie’s Choice and The Iron Lady in 2011. She also received seventeen Academy Award nominations and won three of them. She received 27 Golden Globe nominations and won eight of them making her win more nominations than any of the other actors in the entire history of both awards. She also won two Emmy awards, a Cannes Film Festival award, five New York Film Critics Circle Awards, two BAFTA awards, an Australian Film Institute Award, five Grammy Award nominations, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Tony Award nomination among others. She was also awarded the Kennedy Center Honor in 2011 and the AFI Life Achievement Award in the year 2004.

6. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Michelle Diaz is a former model and an American actress. She rose to fame during the nineties with her roles in films such as My Best Friend's Wedding, The Mask, and There's Something About Mary. She also received the Golden Globe award nominations for her roles in films such as There's Something About Mary, Vanilla Sky, Being John Malkovich and the Gangs of New York. Her other prestigious credits include the two Charlie's Angels films, The Holiday, dubbing Princess Fiona in the Shrek series, The Green Hornet and also the Bad Teacher.

7. Julia Roberts

Julia Fiona Roberts is a Hollywood star and an American actress. She did the lead role in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman in 1990. She received the Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Award nominations for the movie Steel Magnolias in 1989 and Pretty Woman. She won the Academy Award for the Best Actress for her role in Erin Brockovich in 2000. She won good box office success for her movies such as My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), Mystic Pizza (1988), The Pelican Brief (1993), Notting Hill (1999), Runaway Bride (1999), Ocean's Eleven (2001), Charlie Wilson's War (2007), Valentine's Day (2010), Ocean's Twelve (2004) and Mirror Mirror (2012). She also acted in the adapted film of Snow White known as Mirror Mirror and played the role of the Evil Queen.

8. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is an American actress, singer and model. She made her film debut in North in 1994 and was nominated for her role in Manny & Lo (1996) for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. She further rose to fame with her roles in The Ghost World in 2001 and The Horse Whisperer in 1998. She started doing adult roles in Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003) and Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation (2003) for which she also won the BAFTA award for Best Actress in the lead role. She won the Golden Globe Award nominations for both the above films. She is often regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world and she received a star on May 2, 2012 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

9. Penelope Cruz

Penélope Cruz Sánchez is a Spanish actress who made her acting debut on television at the age of sixteen and her film debut in Jamón, jamón (1992) to critical praise. Her consequent roles in the coming years included Open Your Eyes (1997), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000) and Woman on Top (2000) and The Hi-Lo Country (1999). She received critical fame for her roles in Nine (2009) and Volver (2006) and got Academy Award nominations and the Golden Globe Award for them. She also won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2008. She won the Academy Award and was the first Spanish actress in history to win it and also got a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

10. Drew Barrymore

Drew Blyth Barrymore is an American actress, producer, film director, screenwriter and model. Barrymore made her film debut in 1980 in Altered States. Subsequently, she did a good role in Steven Spielberg's the Extra-Terrestrial. She also succeeded in changing her roles from child to adult roles with a number of films such as Bad Girls, Boys on the Side, Poison Ivy and Everyone Says I Love You. Later she got fame in romantic comedies like 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer. She was also awarded the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Film and a Miniseries for her role in Little Edie in Grey Gardens.

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Pick Your Favorite Actress: 2012 Poll Results

Best Actress of Hollywood?

  • 9% Sandra Bullock
  • 25% Angelina Jolie
  • 8% Jennifer Aniston
  • 8% Meryl Streep
  • 6% Cameron Diaz
  • 5% Julia Roberts
  • 4% Drew Barrymore
  • 0% Sarah Jessica Parker
  • 3% Reese Witherspoon
  • 4% Kate Hudson
  • 5% Scarlett Johansson
  • 11% Megan Fox
  • 3% Nicole Kidman
  • 4% Keira Knightley
  • 5% Penelope Cruz
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    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 4 years ago from India

      Thank you CrazedNovelist for stopping by.

    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 4 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Interesting... though I disagree in the ordering and I noticed you didn't mention Girl, Interrupted for which Jolie won her first Academy Award... it was for best supporting actress. She has yet to win for best Actress. Only Bullock, Streep, and Roberts have won that award. It's all good though. Good work. :)

    • profile image

      Qaisar hayat khokhar 5 years ago

      Vry nice nd gud looking lady this is,i like her nd her acting vry much...hahaha

    • profile image

      Mr Ahmed 6 years ago

      Nicole Kidman should be on the list. Despite being Australian she rose to fame in Hollywood

    • profile image

      lulu 6 years ago

      Cate blanchet,natalie portman,kate winslet,Marion cotillard, all those are top 10 actress, there's no way that drew barrymore and kate hudson are top 10 actress.

    • profile image

      syed aleem shah 6 years ago

      all of the actresses mentioned in the list are very very outstanding actress, but according to me, "Julia Roberts" and "Meryl Streep" are better actresses than the other actresses. These are the all time top calss acresses with some other old era actresses, catherine zeta jones and cate blanchet are missing from the list.

    • profile image

      syed aleem shah 6 years ago

      There are so many great films in Hollywood which were released from 1991 to 2000, in my opinion more than 100 movies can be called very very very good movies, but this is just my opinion about the top 10 Hollywood movies relesed from 1991 to 2000 which are following:

      1- Brave heart (1995).

      2- A Few Good Men (1992).

      3- The English patient (1996).

      4- Gladiator (2000).

      5- Good Will Hunting (1997).

      6- Terminator 2 (The Judgment day) (1991).

      7- As Good as It gets (1997) & Titanic (1997).

      8- Shakespeare in Love (1998) & Silence Of the Lambs (1991) & Pulp Fiction (1994).

      9- Scent of A Woman (1992),

      Jurassic Park (1993),

      Shawshank Redemption (1994),

      Forrest Gump (1994),

      Speed (1994),

      Die Hard 3 (Die hard With A vengeance) (1995),

      Leaving Las Vegas (1995),

      The Ghost & The Darkness (1996),

      Saving Private Ryan (1998),

      The Insider (1999),

      Cast Away (2000).

      10- The Unforgiven (1992), The Last OF The Mohicans (1992), The Fugitive (1993), Philadelphia (1993), Heat (1995), Elizabeth (1998), Hurricane (1999), Vertical Limit (2000), Mission Impossible 2(2000).

      This is my top 10 list & in my top 10 list if you look with care and attention that NUMBER 9 & 10 have many movies, I picked all of these movies with very care , i picked top 10 movies of each year and I compared them with each other,

      I know that a very very good action and drama movie schinder;s list (1993), a very very good romantic movie Jerry McGuire (1996), a very very goof war movie the thin red line (1998), romantic and social drama American Beauty (1999) and movies like matrix and mummy are not in my list, i know that there are also some other movies which were great like face-off, franky and johny, carlito's way, golden eye, the world is not enough, Erin brokovich, the Jurassic park 2 (the lost world), mission impossible (1996), Encino man (1996) sense and sensibility are also very very good movies.

      The top 10 movies movies list which I presented is better according to my opinion, because this list has every kind of movie , romantic, art and social drama, old historic, epic, science fiction, action, suspense, adventure, war, court room drama, comedy etc.

      Please tell your comment about my top movies list from 1991 to 2000.

    • profile image

      syed aleem shah 6 years ago

      ut the top 10 movies movies list which i presented is better according to my opinion, because this list has every kind of movie , romantic, art and social drama, old historic, epic, science fiction, action, suspence, adventurte, war, court room drama, comedy etc.

      Please tell your opinion about my list of top hollywood movies from 1991 to 2000.

    • profile image

      anotmous 6 years ago

      i agree with this but not #2

    • arunii profile image

      arunii 6 years ago from Delhi

      Two are my all time favorites angelina and julia roberts

    • profile image

      ivona 6 years ago

      Thanks for this information, i just bookmark this page and i will watch some of this movies...

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      nice list :D thanks for sharing your information

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      dilipchandra12, terrific and informative hub. I had the pleasure of meeting three of the actresses on the list (I will not mention which ones) and each of them was very gracious, and they were even more lovely in person than they are on screen.

    • wilrhoades profile image

      wilrhoades 6 years ago

      The picture are so beautiful, Great.

    • profile image

      mtsi1098 6 years ago

      great list and some memorable movies...The Net is still one of my favorite movies...thanks

    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 6 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      Nice list. Meryl Streep is possibly the greatest actress ever.

    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 6 years ago

      I think I will bookmark this hub because these are my top ten favorite actresses too! great job.