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Hollywood ran out of Ideas years ago

Updated on October 5, 2008

What Happened?

I knew quite a few years ago Hollywood was running out of ideas, when I started seeing remakes of really terrible television shows made into movies. Even worse is the trend of really awful old movies being remade, but added to the insult "the updated, modern twist on a classic" route many take.

Now just to put into a little prospective "writers" are on strike. I would support their strike except, they're aren't really doing their jobs. Face it, lifting TV shows from the 50's, 60's up to the 80's and making movies (and really bad ones at that) out of them. That's not working, it's more like theft. The word perjury comes to mind. Remaking movies that were not good in the 40's. What makes you think they would be better now? Let's not forget taking Indy and foreign films and creating high budget flops. Of course, there is also this habit of using the name of a TV show or Movie and that is the only thread that is remotely simular.Let's not forget the lastest trend in Hollywood, the sequel and "part 5" of a good movie that was last made over 20 years ago. I know there must be talent out there, people who are not following this formulaic system that Hollywood has deemed to measure of gaurenteed success.

The price of tickets keep rising, the public keeps going like drones following the distant tolling bell. To the movie -multiplex only to watch the same old cookie cutter, mindless, dribble that is predictable, and easy to figure out. Just because some pubilist made up a movie critic, that praises the movie as the "second coming." Truthfully here in America, a country that was built on exploration, we have fallen into the trap of "cookie cutter living" Chain stores, restaurants, bookstores and coffee shops. An example of this is a "Chain Italian" restaurant in a nearby city where I live. Was just voted, "Best Ethnic Restaurant." Come on! Out of a thousand places in this city, that is the best you can find? Long gone are the days of small retail, "Mom & Pop" business, and Orginal thought, as well as, concepts. Remember when we were children and being a "copy cat" was a bad thing? When did this become the status quo?

So during this time of the "writer's strike" Maybe it's time to reclaim entertaiment and move it into a direction that maybe interesting, fun, and exciting once again. Bring back worlds of wonderment, and enjoyment once again.

By the way, STOP MAKING MOVIES BASED ON VIDEO GAMES!! Holy crap! Doesn't anyone have the guts to scream "bad idea, you're fired, you'll never write, direct or produce another movie in this town, again."?

Remember these Movie Gems?


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  • Tim Hollis profile image

    Tim Hollis 

    11 years ago

    Plagiorizing the past has usurped ingenuity; that's for sure. In a cultural decline the cream doesn't rise to the top. Thanks for a thoughtful and interesting observation. I agree.


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