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Hollywood's New Wave of Female Powerhouses

Updated on October 21, 2008

In Hollywood, feminine youth has always been a large part in marketing films to the public. Certain actresses are promoted as sexual objects to men and role models to women. It's an image that's worked before and continues to do so with the rising of each new female ingénue. Feminism running rampant as some actresses earning as much as, sometimes more than, their male counterparts. Success can happen for young actresses in Hollywood with the right marketing tools.

In order to successfully sell your product, someone needs to have a pulse on the film industry's cultural trends. Who am I talking about? Directors? Writers? Actors? Wrong on all counts. I'm taking about actresses. They are the ones in control because they can get men to swoon and girls to root for them. Sure, actors offer some appealing eye candy in the right film but looks can only go so far.

When it comes to marketing, I've been bought hook, line and sinker over the Hollywood rhetoric. Youth often trumps age. We're always interested in being entertained by the next big thing. There are rare exceptions to the rule that age means little to some very talented actresses such as Meryl Streep that earn awards for their work. Actresses like Streep work with young actresses to teach them what they know before turning the reigns over to them. Here are six examples of actresses that I think have the potential to possibly to be mega wattage film stars.

Ellen Page- Page has been making an impression to Hollywood and filmgoers since her startling portrayal in the film Hard Candy. She's been climbing up the Hollywood food chain ever since and is gaining steam after the monster success of Juno. Page has got the Academy Award nomination for Juno to prove it. Page has also proved herself as one than a one trick pony with her supporting role as a young republican in Smart People and a lead role in next year's Whip It. Her sarcasm and strong sense of self is improving with each film role she takes on. Page is really going places with her career, and the only thing holding back would be one bad career choice. Let's hope she doesn't make one for her sake.

Anne Hathaway- When Hathaway first appeared on the scene she worked in films that portrayed her as innocent in The Princess Diaries and Elle Enchanted. She has spent a number of her films showing her different sides onscreen. Hathaway surprised audiences with her performance as a spoiled rodeo princess in Brokeback Mountain. She also showed in her funny bone this year in Get Smart and now her disfunctional side in Rachel Getting Married as a recovering drug addict. Hathaway has been getting high marks in Rachel, but will audiences agree with the critics? Regardless, Hathaway will walk from this film with a new image as a versatile actress which is a good thing.

Megan Fox- Some consider Fox to be the next Angelina Jolie, but that's remains to seen she'll have the same career as Jolie's. Fox has a role in the upcoming How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and a starlet looking for a companion. Judging by the film's preview Fox's role appears to only be as eye candy. Maybe with her next film, she'll expose more of her talent instead of flexing her physical attributes. Let's wait and see if I'm proven right, or wrong.

Amy Adams- Adams has been having an Enchanted career in Hollywood since her portrayal of a live action princess in that film. She did stumble a little bit after the disasterous Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Later this year, she appears with Meryl Streep in the drama Doubt as a nun, which has possible Oscar potential. Could Adams continue to ride on the Enchanted rollercoaster, or get off after another Pettigrew like disaster? You be the judge.

Kat Dennings- Unlike the other five actresses, Dennings has mostly been in supporting roles where she mostly supported the leading characters. She had a small role in The 40 Year Old Virgin as Catherine Keener's daughter and was a surly sorority girl in The House Bunny. Now, Dennings has the opportunity to jumping to the head of the film class as Norah in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist,a romantic comedy based around the course of one chaotic night. The previews shows the possibility that Dennings has the ability to take leading roles, but audiences won't be able to determine that until Norah's release this Friday.

Elizabeth Banks- Most filmgoers remember Banks for her supporting role in The 40 Year Old Virgin but with any luck she'll be remembered for more roles down the road. Banks' first shot to doing so is the upcoming Kevin Smith comedy Zack & Miri Make a Porno. Regardless of the film's success, Banks has the major opportunity of becoming a strong female comedian. Her sense of humor has been proven with her work in Virgin. For example, the scene where she flirts with Steve Carrell in the bookstore is priceless because she treats everything he says like it's a come on. If you need a refresher course, watch Virgin and go see Miri when it comes out to get the funny message.

Finally, these actresses are gearing to be in a sisterhood themselves with their upcoming films. These films can either determine their rising futures, or be a major setback. With the right film and selling point, all six can ask Mr. Demille for their close ups, or run back into obscurity. Choose wisely, ladies.


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