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Holy Twi-Nighmare, Batman -- The Kristin Stewart Cheating Scandal Is Ridiculous

Updated on July 28, 2012
This photo is the property of TMZ
This photo is the property of TMZ | Source

Not since Tiger Woods was revealed to be a serial cheater and Jesse James was caught cheating on America's Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, has there been a media blitz over someone cheating the way the media is going on a feeding frenzy over Kristin Stewart getting caught cheating on Robert Pattison. The only difference is Woods and James were both married, and that we know Stewart isn't even engaged to Pattison.

Let me say that if Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattison were two actors dating that weren't playing in a movie together I don't think there would have been any big brouhaha over this. But Stewart plays Bella to Pattison's Edward in the Twilight movies. The media is going on a frenzy because instead of Stewart cheating on Pattison they're acting like Bella has cheated on Edward. They've blurred the lines between fantasy and reality. Unfortunately, they've forgotten that Stewart isn't really Bella and Pattison isn't really Edward. The world may know all about the kind of relationship Bella and Edward share, but they know nothing about the kind of relationship Stewart and Pattison share.

One of the online media magazines [I think it was E or EW, I can't recall which one] even posted this video a Twilight fan did. A lot of people laughed at the girl in the video for how distraught she is over the whole scandal. It's kind of sad and scary how incoherent she becomes about the whole thing. How emotionally upset she is by the whole thing. She doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between the couple and characters she loves opposed to the actors who are only playing a part and who may be nothing like the roles they play in real life.

Maybe I'm cynical, but I think the public apology Stewart released to Pattison was more for the public and less for him. I felt the same way when Tiger Woods did the same thing. Cheating on and betraying someone you love is a personal matter and if you truly want to apologize to them it should be done in private. By making an apology public it becomes more about apologizing to your fans because they feel you cheated on them and betrayed them and less about the person you really cheated on and betrayed.

I also have to think that another reason for the public apology to appease the Twilight fans is the fact the last Twilight film is about to come out soon. The makers of the movie must be afraid that a scandal like this might damage their potential box office sales. How many Twilight fans are going to want to go see the final movie when all they'll be thinking of it while watching it is that Bella cheated on Edward and their dreams of having their favorite couple become a real couple in real life has been smashed and ruined.

Going even more cynical one has to wonder if it's possible that Stewart and Pattison were ever a real couple to begin with. They never really confirmed it. There was always just the hint that it could be true, which the media jumped on like a pack of hungry dogs, wanting to build a real-life romance out of a cinematic pairing. What if they were playing along with it to increase the interest in the movie and to up ticket sales? From what I've heard about them they had an on-again off-again relationship that seemed to only be on when they were working on the Twilight movies.

Even if their relationship was real the public doesn't know what kind of relationship they have. They're only judging it to be the same as their on-screen relationship as Bella and Edward. There's no knowing if they have a good relationship. If it's a fulfilling relationship. If there was problems in the relationship. If they have what it takes to make a relationship last for the long haul or if it's a work romance that will gradually begin to fade away when they go on to other projects.

Perhaps the saddest part of this whole thing is the person most wronged in this whole mess, the man's wife, is being basically ignored. She's treated like nothing as the media buzzes out of control because the Twilight couple is self-destructing. She's been given a public apology, too, and I'm sure it makes her feel so much better. Instead of issuing a public apology, maybe he should have remembered he was married and had taken wedding vows before he decided to cheat on her. Hopefully, he gave his wife a private apology and begged her forgiveness before he released his public statement to try and save his career so he wouldn't be blacklisted in Hollywood.

As a new week beckons, one can hope the media has gotten its belly full from feasting on the victims of this mess and will move on to other stories they can feast on so all the parties involved in this mess can pick up the pieces of their shattered lives far from the glaring eye of the media.


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