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Homefront, 80's Stalone and the best of Statham

Updated on July 24, 2014

The Plot

Jason Statham reprises his role as the all around not-to-be-messed-with guy that he plays in literally all of his films. In this particular one, he plays an ex DEA undercover agent who is laying low in small town Louisiana. When there is a confrontation between his daughter and a school bully, a family with drug connections holds a grudge and wants revenge as violence begin to spiral out of control.

Bromance Magic?

On a side note, I can't be the only one to notice that Statham is basically the Stalone of the modern era, except where Stalone had boxing and shooting, Statham has mma and shooting. Yes, Stalone is still making action flicks like the Expendables franchise, and potentially another Rambo (that is a topic for another blog). But Statham is to the 2000's as Stalone was to the 80's. They both keep making the same movie over and over again and no one seems to mind. While it is still scripted, I can't help but feel like the bromance between the two in the Expendables franchise extends beyond the silver screen, and this movie solidified that for me. Rumor is that Stalone wanted to make this film during the peak of his career but for some reason was unable to. With Stalone having written the screenplay and casting Statham in what would have been his part, I felt like the torch of action movie success had been passed.

What We Got

What we got was literally almost the same movie that Jason Statham makes every year. But this is not a bad thing. Statham has been reaping the success of the same formula for all of his movies for years and it just keeps working. Why? Because its awesome to see him beat down five different guys at once, all while making it look like he's not even trying. The fact of the matter is that we as viewers of this particular style of film want to see Statham do this time and time again, and we are never let down. I watch every one of his films, and then rewatch them when I show them to friends who can't get enough of Statham's fighting films. Homefront is no different than any other Statham film. It has a decent story, despite some convenient plot holes, and a well choreographed style. Combine this with Franco's acting, and a pleasant surprise (at least it surprised me) of Frank Grillo as another antagonist, and you get a pretty satisfying conclusion to a pretty decent movie.

Statham Stays

Statham and his formula films aren't going anywhere and for that I am glad. While I see most of his films on Netflix due to the straight-to-DVD quality of most, every time I discover a new one it is immediately added to my queue. I would like to clarify that just because many of his films are straight-to-DVD, this does not mean the production value is any less impressive than those who did make it to theaters. I predict that Statham will be around long after Expendables 25 and many, many Netflix discoverable films.

Homefront Trailer


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What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on Statham's success? Post your thoughts and questions in the comments section below


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