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Homemade Music For Kids

Updated on March 1, 2012

Music For A Rainy Day

Looking for some fun on a rainy day? How about starting with the trash! Did

you know that there were musical instruments in your house just waiting to

be discovered? You'll be amazed at what wonderful sounds can come from

ordinary things. And the best part is that your kids will love experimenting

and playing with all those treasures.

Seeing things from a different perspective helps children develop

creative thinking. Play can often be a better way of learning new things.

While children have fun finding ways to make new sounds, they are also

learning how size and volume effect pitch, how vibration creates sound, and

other basic scientific concepts. They are learning that different objects

make different sounds and that the way you play them can change the sound

even more. They are learning ways to express themselves creatively and

enhance their natural artistry. And you thought they were just making noise!

Here's a list of some interesting things that you might find around your

house and some ways they might be played:

Sauce pan lids:

Hit them on the edge with a wooden spoon. Try moving the lid after it is struck. Some lids have a gong like sound while others have more of a bell like tone. A series of bell like pan lids of different sizes (and pitches) can make pretty melodies. String them from a pole laid sideways across two chairs.

Large plastic soda bottles:

There are two way to make music with these. One is to fill the bottles with different levels of water to make different pitches and then blow across the top of each bottle. Another is to hold the bottle in one hand and drum on it with the other.

Glass bottles:

(vinegar, soy sauce, wine, etc.) can either be blown or hit to produce different pitches. Water can be added to change the pitch. *

Plastic grocery bags:

Stretch these out and hold them with a hand at each end. Rhythms are created by scrunching the bag together and pulling it back out. *

Plastic vegetable bags:

Fill them with air, twist the end closed and drum on them. *

Paper bags:

Fill them with air and then hold the top closed with one hand. The other hand then strums the outside of the bag as if it were a guitar.


Gently tap the tines together. This makes a type of soft triangle sound.

Tin cans:

These can be used in several ways. Ridged ones can be scraped with wooden spoon handles. Large ones can be drummed on the end. Small ones can be beaten to make a cowbell type of sound.

Drinking glasses:

Use several of these to make melodies. They can be tuned a little by adding water. Sometimes there is not a big difference between glasses. In this case it's easier to just choose different sized glasses that naturally have the pitch "A" , "B" and so on. *

Buckets and plastic tubs:

These make good drums. Hit them with hands or with wooden spoons.

Cardboard boxes:

Also make effective drums, especially the larger ones.

A fast food soda cup with a lid and straw:

Move the straw up and down to make a rhythmic squeak.

Cardboard tubes:

Save these from toilet paper, paper towels, tin foil, and wrapping paper. They make great sounds when hit on the thigh. Tape several paper rolls together to form lower notes.

Wooden spoons:

Hit them together or use them to hit other instruments.

Chop sticks:

These are the best for hitting delicate instruments like glasses.

Jars and cans with lids:

Fill these with beans, rice or rocks to create different kinds of shakers.

This is by no means the limit. Explore and find other great sounds that are just sitting around waiting to be discovered. And get ready for the fun!

*Be careful using this with very small children.


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