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Jason Michael Carroll- Biography and Fun Facts

Updated on April 24, 2016

What Is A Honky Tonk Friend?

You are probbly sitting there thinking what is a Honky Tonk Friend. If you have ever been to a Jason Michael Carroll Concert and seen a group of fans all huddled together shouting and singing along with his songs, who would stand in line for hours and hours just to get up close and personal, who travel all across the United States to see him and see his concerts then you have seen a honky tonk friend. Here just recently decided to open a real true fan club titled Honky Tonk Friends. For a small fee you can become a fan club member paying a fee one time a year that will entitle you to small perks (yet to be announced by the record label).


a new pic of Jason
a new pic of Jason

Who Is Jason Michael Carroll???

In the year 2004 at a local talent compettion Jason Michael Carroll was discovered. He was born on June 13, 1978 in Houston Texas. He grew up in a very religious household in Raleigh North Carolina. His father was a conservative Christian Minister and he would punish Jason for listening to what he called the devils music. One time he got a spanking when his father had discovered a copy of Billy Ray Cyrus' CD Achy Breaky Heart found in his bedroom.

In 2004 Jason had been encouraged by his mother to enter the WRAZ Fox50's music compettion called Gimme The Mic. When he entered the contest he was hoping to establish a recording contract. During this period of time he had just finished writing the song titled "Alyssa Lies". In this song which he admits took him a long time to write to make it just right, a little girl who comes to school and meets and befriends a little girl who is being hurt by her parents and makes up excuses (As most children will and do)to account for all the marks and bruises all over her. The little girl comes home from school and tells her daddy that Alyssa is lying about where the marks are coming from, After thinking about it one weekend he knows what he has to do, He takes his daughter to school to address the issue with the teacher and arrives to find out that it is in fact to late. The little girl was hurt so badly that she had died. Now he has the difficult task of telling his little girl that Alyssa Doesn't lie anymore but she lies with Jesus, Addressing the facts of Child Abuse in this country and how often it is that we each turn our backs and let it continue on because we just dont want to get involved in some one else's business. After winning the contest he was then signed by Arista Nashville and became a local regular along music row, When the song was released to airwaves Jason became a hit and everyone loved the song. He became an instant success overnight.

Jason's debut album entitled "Waiting In The Country" was produced by Don Gehman and was released on Febuary 6th, In its release week it made it to the number one spot on Billboards Top Country Album selling 57,608 and a pop chart release at number 8. Carroll had achieved the best unit sales and the highest pop chart debut by a country music artist since 1992 with the release of Billy Ray Cyrus. However later on Due to the exposure Bucky Covington got from American Idol he surpassed by Jason Michael Carroll. On Jason's debut album the song "Alyssa Lies" made it to the number 5 spot for the Hot Country Songs Chart and later released the title "Livin Our Love Song" dedicated to a close friend of Jason's that he lost to a battle of Lung Cancer,

His friend Brittany who was 19 and an energetic teenager who loved life and had never smoked a day in her life. She was the picture of perfect health until one day she devoloped a cough and started having chest pains. She went to the doctor who perscribed her antibiotics and sent her home. She continued to get worse and after several days and several doses of antibiotics her parents came to campus at her college and took her to the emergency room. There they diagnosed her with Double Pnuemonia and once again sent her home saying that as soon as the antibiotics kicked in she would begin feeling better. At no point had xrays been taken because they had to reason to take them they just started the treatment for the Pnuemonia and reactive air ways and started her on inhalers and antibiotics. She was to return in one month for a followup. In the month of October she was to take a trip to Vermont and Canada with friends, She packed her medicine and with them in tote she went on her trip. She came back after 2 weeks feeling a little better but still had the constant nagging cough, As instructed she went back for her followup and once again her lungs sounded clear so no need for any xrays. However still concerned slightly with her coughing he referred her to a Pulmonary Specialist in 15 days for an appointment. By this point it is Thanksgiving and everyone is at home preparing for the holidays and looking forward to spending time with loved ones. On Thanksgiving day Brittany woke up in severe pain and couldn't breathe well. She was rushed to the emergency room. She endured test after test for ten days and every test kept coming back time and time again with negative results. At first they suspected TB but that test had also come back as negative. After more doses of antibiotics and a chest scan was performed still no answers, She then had a bronchial scope performed and still no answer. Then an open lung biopsy was performed and the slides were sent across the country to 4 major hospitals who then concluded that she in fact had lung cancer. So rare in her age that only 4 cases total were recorded in their records. And none of them as young as her. A double lung transplant seems to be her only hope, As this is happening she is losing weight and her oxygen satuations becoming very low, She was then transferred to a UNC Hospital where once she was admitted she became very ill declining rapidly, The doctors only hope was for her to last at most 48 hours. Her family prepared for the worst. Due to the unusual case of the cancer she could no longer be placed on the transplant list and was given doses of a new chemotherapy drug, In clinical trials they had seen good results from previous uses but in this case nothing had helped. She would need a full three months of chemotherapy and she just didn't have the time for this. Three weeks after they got the news of the cancer Brittany lost her battle with cancer, Just a few days past christmas. Once admitted to the hospital she never got the chance to go home again.

At no point in time had anyone suspected that she would be diagnosed with cancer. This was a surprise to all and yet she was a fighter up to the very end. She fought her battle with dignity and grace, and wanted so badly to get thru this. Thru Jason Michael Carroll and his fans we have been able to raise awareness for Brittanys Battle a non profit charity to help raise money and awareness that lung cancer does not just affect the older minority and does not just happen to smokers. Brittany had not smoked a cigerette a day in her life. Brittany left behind a wonderful family who loved and supported her and friends who will miss her greatly.

Jason Michael Carroll has 4 children of his own and a wonderful wife who still resides in North Carolina and supports his wonderful career choices. His children are his world first and foremost and then his wife and music comes in last. Jason has three children from a previous marriage and one child with his current wife Wendy who he married not so long ago. He talked one time about how Wendy and him married. They invited everyone over to their home with the idea that they were cooking them all dinner and once they got there they were surprised with a wedding. He talks about how much he loves her and how they are true sole mates. They share one son together. He tries to split his time between North Carolina and Nashville while touring. He tries to get home to North Carolina as much as possible to be with his children. He truly loves the idea of being a dad and wants to be there with his children as much as he can be while not on the road. He has said it would be so much easier if his wife would just move to Nashville but she is not game for that idea at all.


Also a new picture of Jason.
Also a new picture of Jason.

Its all in the attitude...

While many singers and song writers start to achieve fame and fortune so to say, Many of them change their attitudes toward everyone and everything. Most of them feel like they are owed something and just have a plain old crappy attitude towards everyone. Jason on the other hand has remained close to his roots and is proud in the way he carries on with everyone he comes in contact with.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Jason on two occasions and have become close friends with many people who are true followers of Jason. I as many of you know have a little boy who was born prematurely and has had many issues in his short life with disabilities. Jason was wonderful with him and treated him as if he was just a regular normal child. He took the time to speak to us and speak to him and talked to him as if he were not just a child but someone who truly understood this world. At the time when we met with him our son was sick and had just taken some Tylenol and had become a sticky mess and we hadn't had the time to clean him up before meeting with Jason. Jason went to hold his hand and when warned about him being sticky his reply was that he didn't mind that he had 4 children of his own and therefore was not concerned at all about the mess. He made sure to have a few moments with us before autographing a picture that we hold close to our hearts and taking a moment for a nice picture with us. Our son to this day will kiss Jason's photo and say Jason every time he sees the picture.

I believe that if you care and treat people the way you want to be treated things will come your way more than if you have a nasty attitude and walk all over the people who are responsible for getting you to where you are. Many singers believe that they are in fact the only ones responsible for getting them to where they are and therefore will not bend over backwards to help someone out. If it was not for people like us who are honest and go and purchase the cd's and help out by purchasing ringtones and callback tones they wouldn't not have the amount of cash they do have now. We are also the reason why they are where they are. We had the opportunity of Meeting Josh Turner and he wouldn't so much as allow a picture with anyone. Such a difference in attitude between Jason Michael Carroll and Josh Turner. I will not purchase another cd of Josh Turners again.

I hope you liked the article and you can also check out brittanys battle at to learn more about her cause. I hope you will go there to check out the site and make a donation to help out the cause. You can also check out Jason's official website at where you can have access to updates about where to find appearances by Jason and also official information on him. I hope you liked my article.

All Of Us At Nashville's Sound and Speed Event in 2009

All of us together.
All of us together.

Jason Michael Carroll

CMA Fest:

For this years CMA Music Festival that took place in downtown Nashville, Jason ended up being a very busy man. During this years festival Jason was keeping himself occuppied with any thing he could do that would allow him access to all his fans.

During the opening ceremony of the CMA Music Fest he was in the parade that marched down Broadway and ended at the Sommet Center, Where he played a set and then continued onto the Celebrity Softball Game, From there he continued on the next day to autographing what he said to be upwords of a thousand autographs during his time there. He spent some of the day in the GAC booth signing for many of his fans and singing to one little boy his song off of his new album entitled Barn Burner. He allowed USA Today to follow him with a camera and did some interviewing and also got to speak with some of his celebrity Country Music Family. We get to see him in a video speaking with Jake Owen. Then he continues on with performing on Saturday to all in Riverfront Park and it was there that the crowd sang him Happy Birthday for his birthday was that day. We get to see him openly with his son joining him on stage during many times during his stay in Nashville and keeping him company is his wonderful wife Wendy. We get to see her backstage with JW their son during all of his performances. So as you can see he does really care about his fans and loves to put a show on for them. I hope to keep you updated as more arises.

Be sure to look for his newest single Hurry Home, Which is a very personal story for Jason and Im sure that all will hear about it more once it hits the airwaves.

Jason With Family On Looking at CMA Music Fest 09

Jason and his wife (In yellow) with Son On looking (you cant miss JW)
Jason and his wife (In yellow) with Son On looking (you cant miss JW)


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