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"Hook" Movie Review

Updated on August 17, 2014

"Hook" Movie Poster



Dustin Hoffman ("Rain Man") as Hook

Robin Williams ("Good Will Hunting") as Peter

Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman") as Tinker Bell

Maggie Smith ("Harry Potter") as Wendy

Caroline Goodall ("The Princess Diaries") as Moira

Bob Hoskins ("Roger Rabbit") as Smee

Charlie Korsmo ("Dick Tracy") as Jack

Amber Scott as Maggie

Plot Summary

Captain Hook kidnaps Peter Pan's children to lure Peter back to Neverland. Peter has grown up and doesn't remember Neverland anymore. He's a serious lawyer who never has time for his family. Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys try to help him remember so he can save his kids from the clutches of Captain Hook. Hook meanwhile has begun to brainwash Peter's kids to turn against him.

"Hook" Rating

3 stars for "Hook"

Movie Review

"Hook" does effectively hook you into the plot. The viewer feels disappointed right away that Peter is an old boring man who snaps at his kids for silly things. You feel disappointed because you know who he is and it's sad to see Peter being a grown up and being so dull and adult. After the movie introduces the main characters you get carried away to Neverland with Tinker Bell and her magical pixie dust. From that point on the movie becomes a crazy cacophony, or bangarang if you will, of adventure and self realization on Peter's part.

Good Things About This Movie

  • Adventure
  • Casting for Peter and Hook
  • Peter being able to return to Neverland/childhood

The good things about this movie is the adventure and fantasy elements. It's fun seeing Peter Pan return to Neverland and essentially learn to be a child again with the help of the Lost Boys and Tink. It always made me sad in the old cartoon whenever Peter said that he never wanted to grow old because he thought it would make him less somehow. It's nice to see him be able to have fun again. Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman are also amazing and funny in their roles. They were well cast for sure. They were believable and zany. Robin Williams is a bit of a boy that never grows up from his kind of comedy so he is perfect as Peter Pan. It's also nice to see him in this role in the wake of his death, as he's so free and happy in this movie. I'm thankful that he took this role and put his heart into it.

Bad Things About This Movie

  • Scenes are a little over the top
  • Lost Boys aren't that loveable
  • Tinker Bell

The bad things about this movie are that some of the scenes are a little too much. You can tell that everything is a set. It looks like a theme park for the most part. Like Disney World's Swiss Family Robinson house that you can walk through. The Lost Boys are also at times not endearing but just annoying. I found the pirates more funny and lighthearted than the kids who just came off as unruly bullies at times. It's a shame that the island never gets explored enough as well. I heard that even Steven Spielberg wasn't completely satisfied about the final result for "Hook" It sounded like he was overwhelmed at times by all the kids on set acting up. It also seemed like Julia Roberts was not quite acting how Tinker Bell acted in the old cartoon or the book. Tinker Bell was jealous and mean at times. Julia Roberts plays her to be happy go lucky. Tinker Bell also has freakish strength in this movie for some inexplicable reason. She's a tiny little fairy yet she can through human beings around like they're weightless.

One thing that's a little positive and negative about "Hook" is although it's claimed to be a family movie it clearly has many elements that are aimed at adults as opposed to children. The main character is a man who doesn't appreciate what he has in his life and learns throughout the film that he must treasure what he has. This is a good lesson for kids, yet many of them might not understand it and by the time they are adults they may have forgotten the lessons in this movie they saw as children. Adults really are meant to learn from the movie to be more lighthearted and remember what it was like to be a child again. That being said it still is a good movie for kids to see if they like fantasy and action movies.

This movie is best for kids and their parents. Perhaps ages seven and up would understand the plot the most. Again adults may more be who the movie is for so if you're an adult who wants to be reminded of what it was like to be a kid again definitely see this movie. I give this movie three and a half stars out of five.

Peter and Hook


Movie Trivia

Julia Roberts was nicknamed "tinker hell" by the crew of "Hook".

Movie Quoteables

Granny Wendy: "So.. your adventures are over."

Peter: "Oh no... to live. To live would be an awfully big adventure."

Peter and his kids


Which character do you like the most from "Hook"?

Which character do you like the most from "Hook"?

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"Hook" Trailer


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    • Nicole Hering profile imageAUTHOR

      Nicole Kristine 

      4 years ago from MN

      Thanks for reading :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is a pretty good movie although I can see where you're coming from with the few negative aspects you listed. I will definitely watch this one with my kids at least once. I believe it is available on Netflix to anyone who's looking for it :)


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