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The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Breaks Her Engagement to Liam

Updated on October 22, 2013

Hope Dumps Liam - Again

This week (October 14, 2013) on the Bold and the Beautiful, Hope Logan once again removed the engagement ring that Liam Spencer gave her mere months ago.

And despite, Steffy Forrester, Liam’s ex-wife, not being onscreen for many month, Steffy was once again the reason for Hope’s disillusionment in Liam.

Hope breaks her engagement to Liam

Liam tells Hope that making a video for Steffy was just a last goodbye, but Hope sees it as Liam reaching out to Steffy
Liam tells Hope that making a video for Steffy was just a last goodbye, but Hope sees it as Liam reaching out to Steffy | Source

Liam makes something for Hope

Liam Makes Hope a Video

Hope thought she finally had Liam all to herself. Steffy was on the other side of the world and their marriage was just about dissolved. To add icing to the cake, Liam made Hope a sweet video, hile she was in Mexico with Wyatt, about how much she and their life together meant to him. Hope should have been on cloud nine. And she was.


Hope and Liam Make Wedding Plans at Big Bear

Big Bear is proving to be about as successful a location for Hope and Liam as Aspen has.

Last time they went to Big Bear was on a getaway Brooke planned for the couple after Steffy left for Paris. Brooke had hoped that Liam and Hope would reconnect given some alone time in a beautiful setting. Instead, Hope realized it was too soon for Liam to commit himself to her.

Liam had just lost a baby with Steffy and had his wife mysteriously leave the country with little more than a “I still love you Liam” and “Goodbye”.

Liam ended up leaving Big Bear early and heading back to LA. Hope headed into the woods and found a naked guy taking a solar shower. That hunk in the buff turned out to be Liam’s half brother!

This time Hope and Liam went to Big Bear to make wedding plans. Liam left Hope alone during which time she checked email and found an anonymous email in her inbox.

It contained a video that Liam also made for Steffy commemorating THEIR life together.

Liam Sends Steffy Hope's Video by Mistake

Why did Liam make Steffy a Video?

Liam should know that things go awry with technology. After all it was a broken iPad and Brooke’s questionable computer skill responsible for ending another of Liam and Hope’s engagements.

And even more recently he himself accidentally sent the video he made for Hope to Steffy! Liam and Steffy had been corresponding about an e- signature the lawyers needed to get their annulment processed when Steffy thanked Liam over chat for his email.

Liam, of course, was oblivious and embarrassed for his error when Steffy explained she received the video that Liam made for Hope. Steffy told Liam she through it was great – very sweet. This surprised Liam. But it was just the lead in for a request.

Steffy wanted Liam to make her a video also; a tribute to their marriage. Liam agreed and later sent Steffy the video he’d made commemorating the happy moments in their life together. Great memories can’t be forgotten or erased he told his ex-wife.

Who sent the email to Hope?

Though Liam blamed Wyatt for sending the email to Hope with the video Liam made for Steffy, it was actually Quinn who sent the email.
Though Liam blamed Wyatt for sending the email to Hope with the video Liam made for Steffy, it was actually Quinn who sent the email. | Source

How Did Hope Get the Steffy Video?

When Liam discovered that Hope had received a copy of the video he made for Steffy, his first instinct was to blame his brother, Wyatt.

But Wyatt denied the accusation. He was, however, on hand to console Hope. Not to mention make a move on her.

In reality is was Wyatt’s mom, Quinn, who had access to Liam’s computer backstage at the recent fashion event who sent the video to Hope. Quinn sees Wyatt becoming involved with Hope as the best way to cement the business relationship between Forrester Creations and Quinn Artisan Jewelry.

It is also handy for Quinn that Wyatt has a serious “thing” for Hope.

Is Hope over-reacting?

Is Hope over reacting to Liam making Steffy a tribute video?

See results

What now for Hope and Liam?

To say that Hope was upset about Liam making a video for his ex-wife commemorating their life together would be an understatement. Hope saw it as another example of the power Steffy would always have over Liam. Hope told Liam they could get through a lot but not him reaching out to Steffy

Liam thought Hope was over reacting. He denied he was reaching out to his ex-wife. Steffy made a request of him and he merely fulfilled that request. The video was a final goodbye Liam told Hope.

The video was a simple acknowledgement of the past. That didn’t prevent him from building a future with Hope Liam defended. Hope, however, gave Liam his engagement ring back. Whether it is Steffy, or memories of Steffy, Liam seems unable to let go of Steffy. Maybe someday he would convince her otherwise, Hope told Liam as she left a single woman.

But Hope won't remain single for long. If Liam doesn't convince Hope to put his ring back on her finger, brother Wyatt just may. Like Liam, Wyatt recently admitted to Hope that he too was in love with her.


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