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"Horns" Movie Review

Updated on March 20, 2015

"Horns" Movie Poster

"Horns" Movie Poster
"Horns" Movie Poster

Rating of "Horns"

4 stars for "Horns"

Movie Review of "Horns"

Director: Alexandre Aja

Writers: Keith Bunin (writer of the screenplay) and Joe Hill (writer of the book)

Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson, Kelli Garner, Heather Graham, James Remar, and Kathleen Quinlan.

Admittedly the first and only thing I knew about the movie "Horns" before watching it was that the known round the world Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe was the lead to this movie. Oh yeah and that he'd have horns. I spotted the movie trailers a few times on youtube and saw little blurbs about it in Entertainment Weekly which I on occcasion peruse and I was curious to see it. Sadly I wasn't able to catch it in the theater due to a lack of time. I probably have only seen one movie in the theater in the last year because I'm constantly busy and burned out. Anyway I do try to watch movies regularly at home in the evening when I'm writing or trying to go to bed, and last night I spotted "Horns" on Netflix. I wasn't expecting that much from it but I was strangely surprised that it does draw you in. It moves really quickly along with a few flashbacks that slow down the present day but the pacing is quick, fast, and strange. It's the strangeness that makes you keep watching.

The plot is basically a young man -Iggy Perrish, played by Radcliffe- is accused of murdering his longtime girlfriend -Merrin, played by Juno Temple- after she turns up dead after the two have a fight. He denies it, yet everyone in town thinks he's guilty. One night he wakes up with horns and people begin confessing their innermost desires that are often sinful to him. He decides to use this newfound ability to track down the real killer of his girlfriend. Did one of his childhood friends do it? Did a patron at the diner do it? Did Iggy's brother do it? Did a complete stranger do it? Or are the townspeople right and Ig committed the murder and he was just to drunk to remember? I won't give away more than that though.

I've heard from some other reviews of this movie that people have a hard time differentiating Daniel from his Harry Potter character so they felt he was miscast. Eh, I guess I didn't think so because he has an American accent in this movie and his character is much different than anything else he's done before. Also the actor cast as his brother Terry -Joe Anderson- looks enough like Daniel that they really were perfectly cast as brothers. The only thing I think is a little poorly done in this movie is maybe the ending could have been done a little different. It seemed like the beginning and middle were very strongly executed and then the plot got a little confusing toward the end. I think they wanted to be vague on giving exact details for what was going on with Iggy and those horns at the end though so the audience could decide for themselves what the meaning behind it was. Was the devil giving him a second chance? Did the devil give him the horns and ability to hear people's sins as a laugh? Was it divine Godly intervention? Did Merrin curse him with the horns after he sleeps with someone else? Did Merrin give him the horns to avenge her death by finding her killer? It's kind of up to the viewer to decide that.

I'd definitely recommend this movie if you like murder mystery films with a bit of sarcastic dark humor on the side. It also has a really good selection of music that makes a few scenes very memorable. It's not the best murder mystery film, but it is definitely the most unique and strange one I've ever seen.

Some similar movies to this one include: "The Crow", "Mr. Nobody", "The Ninth Gate", "All Good Things", "Pulp Fiction", "Angelheart", and "Ghost".

"Horns" Movie Poster

"Horns" Movie Trivia

  • The soundtrack has the song Heroes by David Bowie.
  • Iggy drives a Gremlin.
  • Based on the book by Joe Hill who is Stephen King's son.

What is your favorite movie role of Daniel Radcliffe?

What is your favorite movie role of Daniel Radcliffe?

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"Horns" Movie Poster

"Horns" Movie Trailer



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