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The Role of Media in Reporting Incidents

Updated on January 29, 2013
Horrible Media in search of applause
Horrible Media in search of applause | Source

Every day we come across incidents of terror happening around the world and reported/broad-casted by the media. However, nowadays the intensity of such awful incidents has been considerably increased which indicates two things either the world is going towards anarchy and chaotic situation which could be pessimistic to say and temporary in nature or there has been some sort of elevation beyond its actual size, broad-casted on channels and printed in media.The present surge in terror reporting could largely be associated with the recent political developments happening around the world which has led to the use of excessive force and aggression and magnified through the prism of media.

Horrible incidents of terror are not beyond perception in the world having a population of over 6 billions belonging to varied cultures, class and environment. But the space and volume which these incidents get in channels and newspapers is entirely unsatisfactory. As majority of the people would least bother to watch exhaustive details about terror incidents happening thousands miles away, whether viewed or not viewed both equal. We know that all these incidents are part of our society and proven facts but yet we should not be over-burdened to carry it on our heads and make it sit ans stand discussion. It also creates a sphere and feeling of insecurity among the populace and making a negative belief that world is going to be an unsafer place for next generation to live. Notwithstanding the idea of keeping the public informed and to show a panoramic view of world, there is till a choice to select the least horrible or at least to lessen the momentum of evil image which is disliked by all sundry around. Broadcasting a piece of news for the sack of information is the lawful right of media but showing repeated clips of terror and propagation of brutal images should be avoided which produces uneasiness among entire peaceful community.

We all know that electronic media is a powerful source of molding public opinion and spreading ideas in a certain way. For instance, if we ask two persons to give their opinion about the same situation the contrast in their views is lucid and sometime the contradiction is so sharp as black and white. Now, malice and hate depicting images shall be barred to come out through media outlets because projecting events of cruelty more and more people are affected especially when matter is connected with region race and ethnicity. The repercussions of that sort of reporting are very strong and could provoke the sentiments of revenge in a society which is by and large peaceful. In contrast, could we incline towards positivity and optimistic picture of something bad. That is the least thing we can do to nullify evil.

The tendency and urgency that our media has adopted towards terror reporting is making the terror itself a hot cake. Such publicity and thrill is given to the terror incidents that it provokes people of similar mind and mentality to do the same. Besides exploring new ways to crime, it substantiates roots in young generation mind who are in the process of learning to react in a situation.

Media has the capacity to carry out the required scrutiny of such material and could pacify or at least lessen the bad impact of a horrible piece of news. At least media can give the option to their viewers and readers to by-pass a news item by segregating such news. Secondly horrible and humiliating pictures shall strictly be avoided. We should not provide means to the evil doers by expanding a terror philosophy; instead we should find and discuss ways to tackle them.

It is true that media is reaching far flung places giving immense sacrifices for the sack of live coverage/reporting and in some cases even faces eventualities. After all, we should not over play the tune of making something big defacing its original size only to excel each other in media race or to get some material gain. Because all these events of torture, brutal deaths have everlasting affects upon the people who fall victims to such incidents.


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