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Horror Movie Hell Part 1 They Wait

Updated on September 15, 2009

For years now I've either been on an unlimted pass at Blockbuster, Movie Gallery, Or Hollywood Viedo and more recently have been caught up in Netflix. I watch a lot of movies so I figured why not share my findings with the world via hubpages. Now I'm not going to pretend to be a movie expert, I'm just a regular guy who has seen a lot of movies, I'll tell you this much though a lot of the movies these critics say suck I like and a lot of the movies these critics say are great I think they suck. To each his own I guess but this is about my opinion, not theirs so I think I'll begin my movie review career with a horror movie I thought was pretty good which almost never happens.

I was actually very surprised by this movie because when I rented it I hadn't heard much about and essentially just got it because I couldn't find anything better, boy was I wrong.The movie begins as Sarah (Jamie King) her husband Jason (Terry Chen) and their son Sammy (Regan Oey) return from Shanghai to Vancouver for the funeral of Jason's uncle.Within the first few minutes of the movie I got an unexpected jolt when it was revealed in a not so subtle way that Sammy had a very close connection with the dead which made the movie grab my attention fairly quickly. Oh and did I mention that the funeral is taking place during "hungary ghost month" which is a time when the dead walk the earth to take care of unfinished business. A lot of this unfinished business has to do with Jason's aunt and uncle. Fittingly so Jason's uncle is known as the Bone Collector.A name given to him for his occupation of exhuming the bodies of Chinese immigrants and shipping their bones home to be buried near those of their ancestors. It was believed that those who weren't properly buried would be unhappy spirits, hanging around to haunt the living. However we later learn that Jason's uncle isn't everything that we thought he was and has brought the wrath of more than just a few ghosts down on his family.  Sammy becomes ill and falls into a coma with his condition getting worse by the moment and the only person that can save him is his mother, but how?

They Wait is one of those movies that doesn't really try to gross you out, this movie is more geared toward making your heart leap out of your chest a few times. Unlike most horror movies I thought the story was well put togther and its use of Asian folklore added that little extra something it needed. All in all on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give They Wait a solid 7. Its not the greatest horror movie I've ever seen but its good which is far more than I would be willing to say about some of the big budget horror movies I've seen recently. Think of it as a diamond in the rough so to speak, a movie you've probably never heard anything about that will really suprise you.


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