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Horror Movie Reviews Outpost

Updated on July 26, 2014


Film review of outpost.    Image source -
Film review of outpost. Image source -

Movie Review - Outpost

Movie Review Of Outpost

Outpost was one of them movies that didn't really last long and was pretty pointless, except for the fact that it had super soldier Nazi's in it that couldn't be killed, although the plot was very dodgy in that it created a hokum story about the Nazis looking for ways to win the war, which they might have done especially experimenting on people back in the second world war, to create soldiers that would march thousands of miles and be a force to reckoned with, was a tad too far fetched, although it made for an ok plot device.

A group of mercenaries are hired (always the case I think!) to infiltrate an old army outpost and retrieve something from there, even though they don't know what they are retrieving, they hold their ground, until that is they are attacked by an unseen force at first and it soon becomes clear, that years old Nazi soldiers are haunting the old German outpost, but are they ghosts or are they undead super soldiers, this is something that whizzed past my feeble brain.

I suppose the idea of Nazis coming back and they can't be killed makes for an original horror concept, as they were defeated in World War 2, so now's their chance to be unstoppable in a film of mere fiction, unsurprisingly that is the only great thing about this movie, as you don't care about the characters, as they are a bunch of mercenary scum by all accounts of screen time and the end is a typical doom and gloom finale.

Once again, the idea of the film was good, but some of the story just didn't wash with me, in fact I yawned a lot through it, which says a lot, because I love watching all-sorts of films, but this one was distinctly average, even The Bunker  or Deathwatch which were two other army type horror films beat this one to the punch with something to say for themselves.

I'm glad I only paid £3 for this DVD, but then again I'm glad I removed the last one off the shelf, because some other sucker didn't pick it up, it's not often I say this, but this DVD is one to avoid as it lacked substance and all manner of a way a film should be made, at least we see some guns firing, even if they do no good against the evil Nazis.

Buy the DVD if you really have to.....

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Horror Movie Review Of Outpost

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    • Robertlentini profile image

      Robertlentini 5 years ago from Boston, MA

      solid review.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      One to avoid then