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Horror Movies and Moral Angst

Updated on November 3, 2015

Teen Guilt and Society

Teens are becoming more liberated and free. At the same time everyone in society is not that free. There is still also the double standard. Women cannot be as free as men. They will be looked down on. Teenagers want to grow up. Girls want to go out and date. Still they don't want to appear to be sluts. In these movies it sometimes seems as if they are being punished for being young and dating. It gives pause for thought.

What are teens to do? Movie makers know of the frustration and build all of this into the latest movies. That is also because they are the target audience. They go to the movies. They take them seriously and Hollywood wants to keep it that way.

Lately there has been talk of premarital relations of teens and the backlash against teens in the horror movies. If you put it all together it seems to be in all the movies.

Cabin in the Woods cast
Cabin in the Woods cast | Source

Spooky Sky


Teen Horror Movies

The movie Hostel was made in part to keep someone's kids from getting into trouble in Europe. It shows the guys going to Slovakia.

In these movies teens go out and they are on their own. When they take chances and go out it is as if they are being punished for it in the movies. Their parents are mainly not there to help them. They seem to be unable to deal with bad happenings on their own. They will have to learn to deal with their own problems.

This gives them a lot of food for thought. It brings up ideas they have not had to confront before. There is also the power in the idea of winning over the monster or bad person.

Maybe the movies will help teach kids what not to do and how to protect themselves. As they say, the last girl alive usually manages to survive.

The Movies:

There are many more but these are examples.

Children of the Corn is an especially unsettling movie. Young children and teens appear to have no parents and there is a monster or bogey man in the corn that gives instructions. Their Christian teachings have been warped. The teens are shown doing an act in the church. The two adults that travel through by mistake are killed. There was no forgiveness for them. It is shown how the Bible teachings are taken the wrong way.

Hostel is known for being a violent movie. It has young American guys on holiday in Europe. They go to a hostel in Slovakia and meet girls there that seem to like them. Things are not as they seem. Terrible things and murders happen next. One finally is able to escape. It is as if they are being punished. Next it turns into a tale of revenge.

The Cabin in the Woods was puposely made as a parody of the horror flicks. It seemed to have elements of Friday the 13th and others. Young students set out go for vacation at the cabin. They talk to a guy at a gas station and he insults his girlfriend calling her a whore. The boy defends his girlfriend.

At the cabin things begin to go wrong and they see zombies. Later it is shown that it has all been set up on purpose. The guys try to protect the girls and they protect each other. People and monsters are trying to kill them. Later they are told that they are needed for a sacrifice or ancient Gods will destroy them all. That gives them a lot of guilt.

The strange thing is that on TV it is shown going on in other countries. But in Japan children are able to vanquish the monster with prayer. One wonders if the kids were not trying hard enough.

Hollywood and Horror

Horror movies allow Hollywood to take out their anger at women and at the same time to glorify them. They can be easy to make. There is a formula to it of the monsters.

It also gives the guys a chance to show how tough they are. The bad guys in them are so horrible that it is as if they never had a chance. It gives them a lot of sympathy. The women and girls need their help. Maybe that is just the type of attention that they want.

Actress at fair
Actress at fair | Source
Zombie girl
Zombie girl | Source
The Stepford Wives
The Stepford Wives | Source

Wives and Children in the Movies

The sixties and seventies were a time of liberation for women. Then came the movies Rosemary's Baby and The Stepford Wives. The movies reflect a bit of what was happening. Along the way, there was also The Shining. Women are not treated right at all in these movies.

Women were all becoming used to working and asking for more. Being a wife was not enough. Maybe the guys felt threatened and also the ones in Hollywood. What was happening to them in the movies? They were sometimes having a very tough time. But it also provided roles for them and an outlet for their tension and angst. They may have wanted to scare women and girls.

The women do attempt to defend themselves and some make out better than others. The little boy in The Shining tries to warn his mother and help her. There are lessons to be learned.

Parents and Horror Movies

Kids and the Movies

Many parents are careful about what their children watch. That could be difficult especially with cable TV. There are movies that show almost everything even with the blocks on them. It may not be the best thing for them to see. When they get older they will understand it better. But it is a bit like the monster under the bed and it has to be dealt with.

Horror clown
Horror clown | Source

Girls Watch Horror Movies


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 19 months ago from USA

      Ever since "Children of the Corn" I have not been able to watch horror movies at all and won't let my daughter either. Real life is frightening enough.

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