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Horror Movies for Valentine's Day?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Yes, There Are Valentine's Day Themed Horror Flicks

While there's a lot more offered in the realm of classic Christmas themed horror movies as opposed to Valentine's Day themed horror flicks, but believe it or not there are more than just a few based around love day. The two most common mainstream ones are My Bloody Valentine (which was recently made into a sequel for 3-D theaters) and Valentine. There are several others that aren't necessarily directly tied into Valentine's Day, but there are plenty of other horror movies around themes of love or romance that can definitely fit into that February rotation. If you're more for the chills and thrills of a good slasher or zombie flick over the traditionally lovey-dovey romantic comedies that are a staple for the day, then read on to find out what the best options are!

The Best Valentine Horror Flicks from Amazon

Valentine & My Bloody Valentine (3-D optional)

If you're talking about the two most widely well known horror movies that are directly tied to Valentine's Day. These two movies (three if you count My Bloody Valentine 3-D remake as a separate movie from the original, which it should be) by far and away are the most commonly referred to in any discussion about this theme of horror flicks, and it's not hard to see why. For one, they're the Valentine's Day horror movies that are actually have the word "Valentine" in it.

And there's no argument: it's a small genre. There aren't too many themed movies in this genre, and these are some of the most well known. The plots follow what you'd expect: one a tragedy comes because of a mining accident on Valentine's Day causing death, angry killer warns they had better never have another dance, and years later when people do, he doesn't take it so well.

Valentine stars a young Denise Richards in her prime, and is a plot many a lonely writer in high school has thought about: being spurned on Valentine's Day and after being humiliated picking off the responsible ones one at a time. These films are a great way to kick off a February themed horror movie marathon.

It's the Thoughts.....Brains?.....That Count

More Great Horror Flicks from Amazon

What Are Some Other Options?

I'm one of those people who believes a marathon should be a marathon...and when it comes to themed movie marathons, the more undiscovered gems, the better. So if you want to go the full day long gauntlet of horror movies for Valentine's Day, the good news is that there are a lot of other options out there, as well. You don't have to sit with just one or two slasher flicks based around some Valentine's Day horror story or urban legend (although the Lover's Lane horror movie certainly qualifies).

So what are some other great options? It's hard to argue with the fantastic trio of Lo, Teeth, or May. These three movies are rotating around love, very strange characters, and a strong sense of horror directly tied into romance and/or eroticism. All of these are strongly character driven and each are very unique pictures that actually are must sees for any horror fan. Cemetery Man is an Italian international horror flick with one of the most just, well, wrong love scenes in history. But the dead man does get his revenge....yes people - we're talking about a zombie horror film appropriate for Valentine's day or anti-Valentine's day watching. Great stuff!

The point is there are many other great horror flicks that are great views whether it's Valentine's Day or any other! Add in cult classics like Bride of the Re-Animator and it's easy to fill up the Valentine Day horror movie marathon with great films that are easy to enjoy.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D Trailer

Sometimes You Gotta Go Old School

Important Classic Valentine's Day Horror Flicks

Hey, sometimes you just want to go for the classics. Depending what you're age is, classic can be a very relative turn. Would you consider Fatal Attraction horror, or just a good suspense flick? Is it modern or classic? Misery might be considered a modern classic for those of us just in our thirties, unknown by teenagers, and not old enough for middle aged 50 year olds. Yet they're both great movies. Ad din some fantastic classic movies around love and creatures from Bride of Frankenstein to the 1970s King Kong (or 1930s original for that matter) - there are plenty of classic flicks that fit the mold of being worthy of these marathons.

Sleepaway Camp is a strange 1980s horror flick that throws in what you expect from a campy B level horror flick: sex, violence, and a disturbing twist ending. In classic 1980s horror fashion it also inspired a large series of terrible and funny straight to video sequels. Carrie also assures that Misery will not sit alone as the only Stephen King horror that fits into the whole theme of love run amuck into a perfect horror flick.

The Little Girl That Lives Down the Lane is my personal favorite out of this entire list. It's not mean as a horror flick but you have child predators, children who aren't as innocent as they seem, young love, and murder. It's incredibly well written, disturbing, and a classic. I actually first saw it on AMC around 3 a.m. in Alaska and became so entranced that I was hooked. It's also the perfect night cap to the day's horror marathon.

Warm Bodies Trailer

Seems Like This Should Belong to a Valentine Based Horror Flick

Great looking love day horror logo
Great looking love day horror logo

More Great Horror Flicks

Final Say on Love Day Horror Flicks

There are a lot of great movies that can fit in under the guise of being perfect for Valentines Day. Whether you go with the traditional slasher, the love story while zombie outbreaks are in progress, or any of a combination in between, you have a lot of choices. If you haven't seen any here that have fully whetted your appetite, consider this list of great valentine horror flicks:

More movies to consider:

  • Love Object
  • Boy Eats Girl
  • Tamara
  • Jennifer's Body
  • My Boyfriends Back
  • Roman
  • Play Misty for Me
  • Let the Right One In
  • Candyman
  • Zombie Honeymoon
  • The Vanishing
  • Pet Sematary


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    • Amanda108 profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago from Michigan, United States

      Too bad I didn't discover this list until after Valentine's Day (which is almost over now)! Well, I bet they're still good movies to watch on other days too. Nice hub!