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Horror Review: Under The Bed

Updated on August 6, 2013

Directed By Steven C. Miller

Produced By William Clevinger, Brad Miska and Tom Owen

Cast: Jonny Weston, Gattlin Griffith, Peter Holden, Musetta Vander, Kelcie Stranahan, Bryan Rasmussen, Tyler Steelman, Sam Kindseth and Nikki Griffin.

So they try and draw you into the movie saying it is from the Producers of "V/H/S" and "V/H/S/2" and the Director of "The Aggression Scale" and "Silent Night".Which can work sometimes or just a great looking cover can draw horror fans in. That is what did it for me, the cover made me excited to check this movie out thinking i might have finally found a scary movie. I was sorely mistaken.

The basic plot of movie is that a teenage boy named Neal Hausman has returned home after spending the last two years with his Aunt to cope with his mental problems. When he returns he meets his new step-mom, his real mother had died in a fire a few years earlier. He also sees his little brother named Paulie and finds out that he has been getting nightly visitors.

The brothers know that they are all alone nobody will believe them that there is a monster under their bed. They come up with ways to fight if off until they have no choice but to fight it for good.

The movie is not terrible, I would probably give it about five stars out of ten as a movie. Problem is I wanted something scary, with that said this movie falls down to about a 3 out of ten as a horror movie.

Nothing good happened till the last ten minutes of movie. They spent way to long setting everything up. I understand plot is important but don't spend over an hour telling me about it. Some scenes lacked the extra punch that would have made them really good. Budget could have been an issue on this film and that is why some scenes seem they cut them short instead of showing us more. Overall acting was decent. I have seen a lot worse of acting jobs in horror movies.

This is a movie I would rent before I bought it. I do recommend that you do not get your hopes up expecting to be scared. Movie is short only 88 minutes so you will not waste that much time if you think it is terrible. Again, movie is okay plot is there just lacks the horror that could have made this film a big success.

Under The Bed Trailer


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