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Host Wendy Williams on Extended Medical Leave from Her Show

Updated on January 18, 2019
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

The Wendy Williams Show did not return to the air the first week of the new year like most of the other talk shows. When she returned the following week, her arm was in a cast. She explained she had suffered a hairline shoulder fracture in December.

The week of January 14 through January 18, a different group of celebrities hosted her show for her each day. The groups consisted of four people. Each day, it was announced that Wendy would return on Monday, January 21. However, that is no longer the case.

According to a statement from Wendy's family, the 54-year-old outspoken host will be under strict supervision by her physicians and will need to be away from her show for an extended period of time because of complications with Graves' disease after having surgery for her shoulder fracture.

Fans began to worry when she slurred her words on-air. Wendy apologized and told viewers not to worry. She blamed her speech on the painkillers she was taking for her shoulder.

The guest hosts during the week of January 12-18 told viewers that Williams would return on January 21. That date has been changed to an unknown time in order to allow the host to heal before she returns.

Viewers are wishing Wendy well and understand that her health comes first. They enjoyed the celebrity guest hosts for the time Wendy was absence from January 14-18.

Producer and distributor Debmar-Mercury had said previously that Wendy would return to the purple chair on Monday, January 21. However, there has been a change of plans and there will reruns all that week.

Guest hosts will return on January 28 with new episodes. The guest hosts did a fantastic job when they replaced Wendy during the week of January 14. This decision is so much better since the show is about current hot topics. Regular viewers of the show are not interested in the reruns where the topics are no longer hot.

Wendy Not Returning Soon

Wendy will not be returning to her daytime talk show anytime soon. A statement from her family says she has been hospitalized because of complications from her Graves’ disease. This is the second time she took time off because of Graves' disease.

Distributor and producer Debmar-Mercury said, The Wendy Williams Show will air repeat episodes the week of January 21, and guest hosts will return starting January 28 until Wendy gets well and returns.

As of now, no one knows when Wendy will return to her daytime talk show that is now in its 10th season.

Wendy Williams' Guest Hosts
Wendy Williams' Guest Hosts | Source

When Wendy was absence from her show in March 2018, the show was in reruns until Jerry O'Connell hosted for an entire week. This time, Wendy and the producers decided to use a different panel of guest hosts each day.

Some people say they miss Wendy and will not watch the show until she returns. Others are enjoying watching the guest hosts and listening to new perspectives on hot topics.

Wendy Williams' Sickness

When Williams was absent from her show for three weeks in February and March last year, she revealed information about her Graves' disease diagnosis. She has not worn heels on her shoe since then. She always wears sneakers and other flats. Viewers noticed she sits more often than usual. She has been seen sitting in her purple chair while talking to people in the audience.

Williams' absence because of Graves' disease is not the first time fans have been worried about her health. In October 2017, Williams began slurring her words and fainted on her show. She said later she became overheated while wearing a bulky Statute of Liberty Halloween costume.

Before the series of illness that started in 2017, Wendy often stated that she never took off from her show for being sick. The longest time the host has been absent before was three weeks long. This recent bout of illness might be much longer with no return expected any time soon.

Graves' Disease

Graves' disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid that can affect a person's overall health. The disease is named after Irish surgeon Robert Graves who didn't have the disease himself. However, he studied patients with the sickness.

It is unknown what causes Graves' disease, but it occurs about eight times more often in women than in men. The disease can happen at any age, but it usually starts between the ages of 40 and 60.

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    • profile image

      Bill Robbins 

      4 weeks ago

      Wendy is a strong woman, she's gonna be fine. I miss her.


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