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Hostage -- We Finally Learn Who Is Behind This

Updated on November 12, 2013

And why they're doing it...sort of

Let's just say now that I know why they're plotting to kill the President, count me on Team President. Knowing the reason for this, I want all the kidnappers/murderers to get theirs and for their plan to fail.

While Ellen fought to save Duncan Douche Bag's life, I was chanting, "Die, Duncan, die!" What thanks did she get for that. Douche Bag telling her to never talk to his family, again. See, it's okay for him to torture and terrorize her family, but his family is off limits. That's why I want this douche bag to die. He's the typical criminal who thinks whatever he does to you is fine, but you give him a taste of his own medicine and he can't handle it.

Did Ellen listen? No, thank goodness. Cause she went after her precious wife, next. I had to laugh at Douche Bag telling her his wife was innocent and she wouldn't really hurt her. But you expect her to murder the President for you? You're the one who told her she's a natural born killer. Well, maybe she should start by killing your precious wife. I was thrilled she threw right back at this hypocrite that her family is innocent, too, and that hasn't stopped him. Again, more of the Douche Bag's double standards of anything he does to her and her family is good and anything you do to his kith and kin is bad.

Meanwhile, Burton Delaney has Brian and Jake brought to him and he demands Jake lie to get his son off the hook for the murder he committed. Seriously? Getting this stupid dupe involved in anything is a recipe for failure. While he was giving Kramer an alibi he started getting all twitchy. It was blatantly obvious he was lying.

Back home Morgan had to deal with the latest mess Jake the useless idiot caused. Because he suggested Boyd was abusing Morgan, Boyd got tipped off that Morgan is being abused. He was, of course, unaware the Hatchet-Faced Sandrine was the cause of the bruises. Speaking of Hatchet Face she demanded Duncan give her money since the money Kramer got the hag doesn't count. I don't know why he puts up with this woman's crap. It's because she's a bully that the whole child abuse thing happened and also it's all her fault cause Kramer got arrested for murder because he was helping her out of her money problems.

Anyway, Boyd is determined to save Morgan and get her out of her house. Morgan is trying to sneak Boyd out when Duncan shows up. Boyd gets clued into Duncan not being Morgan's father when Brian leaves a message on the answering machine. Then Hatchet Face arrives and shots Boyd dead while he manages to wing the hag. Douche Bag doesn't even bother to see how Boyd is, but he goes to see if Hatchet Face is okay. Of course, she's fine.

Meanwhile #3 is out of the can having completed his mission to kill the guy that was going to rat them out. It's pathetic how easily Ellen can con this jerk and sneak right out from under his nose. She cons him into thinking she's going off to Baltimore when she's really going over to say "Hey," to Duncan's precious wife.

Off on Capitol Hill we finally learn why the President is being targeted for death. He found out about some secret operation called OTI that allows the government to spy on US citizens and he intends to reveal it and shut it down. Colonel Blair, who feels violating Americans rights is the key to national security wants to kill the President to stop him. He also has some pie-in-the-sky dreams of taking over as the new President.

It turns out the mastermind behind the whole plot to kill the President is the President's sister-in-law, Vanessa Moore. It appears she and Colonel Blair are lovers. However, I doubt that's the real reason she wants to kill the President. It seems to go back to her dead brother. She may also be a woman scorned since she had an affair with the President.

Previews show that the President is really Nina Carlisle's father, so the real reason Burton wants to kill the President seems to get revenge for the fact the man slept with his wife and got her pregnant.

So it appears they all have their own reasons for wanting to kill the President. Of course, none of them have the guts to do it and don't want to get blamed for it, so Burton offered up Ellen and her family as the sacrificial lamb to do their dirty work and take the fall so the conspirators can get what they want.

These thugs are really racking up the body count as they terrorize innocent people and act like they're working for the greater good. Each one of the team has killed an innocent person. And Duncan railroaded a woman with mental problems back into a mental institution.

I'm not sure who the writers want us to root for. It sure isn't Team Duncan. Yet they portray him as a loving father and husband whose just doing this all to save his wife. Sorry, but it's not flying. Who cares. He's terrorizing an innocent family. Innocent people who did nothing but be a threat to his nasty little plan are being killed. He's so not root-worthy and I'm rooting for someone to put a bullet in him. Of course, the ironic thing is by killing the President he may actually be killing his wife's only chance at not dying.

In the previews they revealed Nina is the President's daughter. It's possible if they did a bone marrow transplant between the President and Nina her life could be saved. Instead he's going to kill the President for the name of some glorified hack who may or may not be able to save his wife's like. Not only is he a douche bag, but he's also a dink.


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