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Updated on August 11, 2013

Hostages - The New Hit CBS series

Hostages is destined to become the biggest new hit series in the new TV season 2012/2013. The thriller series will air Mondays on CBS, just after CBS' comedy block.The show's first season will be shorter than usual, since CBS is starting to promote new series standards, which means that the series will conclude its first season in 15 episodes.

The series is considered as one of the hottest new series to grace our small screens in the upcoming tv-season. If you loved the new blockbuster of the 2012/2013 tv-season, The Following, then you will most definitely love Hostages.The script writers as well as the actors of this upcoming show, said about the script that it is a true page-turner, where you do not know what to expect and what seems to be real and genuine, is usually just the opposite.

The Cast of Hostages

Hostages is a full-on thriller, with an amazingly magnificent cast. The series frontrunners are without doubt Dylan McDermott who plays Agent Duncan Carlisle, a rogue FBI agent. His character is on the one hand truly likeable, while on the other you could just smack him around for being so dirty. But the twist here is, that he may not be just another bad guy, he may be a good guy doing bad things - and there probably is a reason for that.

The second major character is played by the wonderful Australian Toni Collette who plays Dr. Ellen Sanders, a surgeon, whose family is taken hostage by Dylan McDermott's character, Duncan Carlisle. She is caught between two fires, her care of her family on the one hand, and her duty as a surgeon in a Washington hospital, where she is to perform a surgery on the president of the United States.

The series also stars Tate Donovan, who plays a husband of Dr. Ellen Sanders and is through her caught in this political agony. Other stars of the show are Billy Brown, whom you might remember from The Following, Sandrine Holt, the upcoming talent from the Netflix hit series, House of Cards and Rhys Coiro, known for his role in another CBS drama, A Gifted Man.

Hostages trailer

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Dylan McDermott in Movies and Series

Dylan McDermott has shot to fame with his role in the cult movie Steel Magnolias where he played alongside Julia Roberts, Sally Field and Shirley Maclaine.

His biggest TV success (so far) came with The Practice and his role of Bobby Donnell, with which he became one of the most desirable men of Hollywood, with his piercing blue eyes.

His popular and successful movie roles include Wonderland, The Messengers, The Campaign and Olympus has Fallen.

He revived and took his tv-career onto another level with the smash-hit horror series by Ryan Murphy,American Horror Story, where he put all his acting talent on display. And not only that, in the series he sported his well toned and super fit body, and was seen wearing a full latex suit as well. Something I personally thought I'd never see.


Toni Collette in her Previous TV and Movie Roles

Toni Collette is best known for her role in the gay-themed comedy Muriel's Wedding, which actually enabled her to break through into the hard business in Hollywood.

She starred in another highly successful Hollywood movie, The Sixth Sense, where she played opposite to Bruce Willis. Her other roles include Connie and Carla, In her Shoes and one of my all-time favourites Little Miss Sunshine.

Her biggest tv success was without any doubt United States of Tara, a show where she plays multiple personalities, a role for which she received a Golden Globe.

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