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Hostages -- Ellen Gets Another Piece Of The Puzzle

Updated on November 6, 2013

Ellen goes to the wrong person for help

Even though Duncan found them with the gun, Brian and Ellen are still on Team Kill Duncan. One I'm rooting for. Like I said last time, I no longer care why he's doing this. It's beyond evil to try and force someone to become a killer. There's absolutely no justification for what he's doing. If he wants the President dead, he should just do it himself instead of making a woman do his dirty work for him by threatening to kill her children if she doesn't.

Tonight Ellen would find out who has put this whole thing into motion and turned her life into a living nightmare.

It's turns out 2 aka Kramer is Duncan's brother-in-law. Guess what they say is true. The family that plays together stays together. Only Kramer doesn't want to play anymore when he learns that the guy he had a run-in while helping 4 get her money died. He goes to confession. Then he goes to his father saying he wants out, but Bad Daddy [who seems to be the true ringleader behind this thing, although he claims it's someone else] won't let him quit.

After that, he goes to a bar and is about to drink when 4 comes in. She stops him, but as it turns out he might as well have taken the drink. As he walks out the door the cops are waiting for him. Is this another Duncan set-up, did Daddy rat him out to the cops or is he just so bad at this thing he left a breadcrumb trail right to his doorstep? They want to question him about the dead guy.

At school Morgan is faced with a social worker wanting to know how Morgan got the bruises on her arm. She can't say bullying 4 did it, so she sticks to her story it happened at cheer leading practice. Then the social worker talks to Jake and you just know the little dink is going to mess everything up, per usual. And he does.

The social worker notices Jake's got a black eye and instead of admitting he's a drug pusher and his connection beat him up for not paying for his product who does he blame? Why Morgan's boyfriend Boyd, of course. So Boyd is going to be tipped off about Morgan having bruises on her and he's going to start sniffing around again, putting Boyd's life in danger from douche bag Duncan. If I were his sister, I'd kill him.

Since their gun got taken away from him, Brian wants to visit a little divine karma of Douche Bag Duncan. He wants to whack him with the stuff Duncan wants Ellen to whack the prez with. Meanwhile, said douche bag has decided to become buds with Brian so he'll encourage Ellen to kill the president. Yeah, I can see that working...NOT! Does he forget he just like shot Brian? So, yeah, I don't see Brian wanting to become buds with Duncan Donut.

Ellen, meanwhile, goes to Burton Denny, who helped her when she killed the rapist in the ER. She's hoping he can tell her how to hire someone to kill Duncan. Unfortunately, he also happens to be Duncan's Daddy-In-Law and behind the whole plot. In fact, he was the one who suggested naming her the president's doctor because he was sure they could get her to kill the president.

Ellen figures out her mistake when Sawyer comes downstairs and addresses Burton as "Grandpa." She also sees a picture on the mantle of Duncan and Burton and figures out he's Duncan's father-in-law. He in turn tells her that why they're doing this doesn't matter. Seriously dude? If you had a good reason for doing this, Ellen might get on Team Kill The President. That you refuse to say why you want to do it, tells me there isn't a good reason for doing it. That he isn't the American version of Adolph Hitler or something and it isn't for the greater good you want to take him out.

Anyway, he says what matters that if Duncan dies, they all die. So Ellen rushes home to stop Brian from offing their torturer. Only she's too late. As she walks in the door Brian manages to shove the hypo full of poison right in Duncan Donut's chest.

In other news, it seems Duncan didn't set up 3 to be arrested because he whacked Angela, but because he wants him to kill someone in prison that's about to roll over on them and ruin their plan. Mallick knows the truth about Angela and he intends to go to the police. Unfortunately before he can do that, 3 causes a prison riot and strangles the man just as he's about to go and talk to his lawyer.

We also got a closer at the inner workings of the President's household. If we didn't know before what a cold dragon the First Lady was, we got a view of it, this week. Seems the FL's sister, who got appointed Ambassador is upset her brother won't be honored at some ceremony. Their brother Peter was against the president's policies and now he's dead. Is their a connection there? The President and Vanessa also had an affair. Shades of Scandal, anyone? The FL tells the president she knows he didn't marry her for love. That he only married her to help his flagging political career. So the President isn't apparently as nice as he seems and his wife doesn't give two pukes about him. That wasn't why she tried to get him to fire Ellen. She tells Ellen she doesn't tolerate people who makes mistakes.

Frankly, from where I'm sitting, the First Lady is reason enough to want to whack the president. Could they also whack her while they're at it? What a thoroughly unpleasant woman.

So the big cliff hanger for this week is will Duncan live or die? Personally, I'm kind of hoping he dies. Unfortunately, the vial of poison was probably filled with water, since previews show he's fine and Ellen is going to turn the tables on him by threatening to whack his wife.


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