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Hostages -- Ellen's Sister Comes To Visit

Updated on November 1, 2013

And definitely lives to regret it

I'd completely forgotten that Duncan arranged for 3 to be arrested, cutting his team down a man, until I saw the video recap at the start of the show.

I guess this is the episode where I no longer cared why Duncan was doing what he was doing; I just wanted someone to shoot him dead. I don't care why he's doing this. None of these people did anything to deserve the stuff he's doing to them. Angela certainly didn't deserve to die. In this case the ends don't justify the means.

The episode starts with Lauren's sister arriving out of the blue announcing she'll be staying with Ellen while douche bag Duncan orders Ellen to get rid of her. As for Lauren, she notices that all the knives are missing as well as the overly-bossing strangers in the house. Ellen lies that their Secret Service because she'll be operating on the President and Lauren seems to buy it.

Meanwhile Ellen wants Morgan to go to the doctor to verify her pregnancy. I'm guessing Ellen isn't aware that 4 has marked up her daughter's arm with black and blue marks. After the doctor confirms her pregnancy she reports Morgan as a suspect case of child abuse. Wonder what Duncan Donut will do over the curve ball? Actually, I may already know. I think there was a scene in one of the promos where Duncan shoots 4 in the arm. The same arm she marked up on Morgan.

Meanwhile 2 seems to developed some kind of thing for 4 [Dude, you got bad taste] and he offers to help her out of her money problems. Which is too bad, since she tried her best to undermine him with Duncan. But maybe he's just falling into her trap. She saw how he went after the guy who beat up Jake. So what does she do after getting worked over? Why she strips off her clothes in front of 2 so he can see her bruised body knowing he'll do something to help her out of her mess. It sounds just like something this manipulator would do.

Anyway 2 knows of this illegal poker game he gets 2 in as a dealer and then stages a robbery and gives her all the money which gets her out of her money problems. They bring Jake along for their heist and 2 ties him to a staircase and blindfolds him. I can't say I felt any kind of sympathy for the kid, since he wouldn't be getting treated like this if he'd obeyed his sister and not tipped the kidnappers off to where they were.

When Ellen is questioned about Angela, again, she's shocked to see Duncan in the meeting as an interrogator. She tells Brian he's got contacts everywhere. Down but not out, Brian suggests they kill the douche bag and I'm all like, "Yes! Do it! Do it!" As I said at the beginning of this blog, I no longer care why the douche bag is terrorizing these people He's nothing but a homegrown terrorist. He needs to be taken out. Either that, or they need to kidnap his kid and give him a good taste of his own medicine.

Ellen says the neighbors has a gun and she sneaks inside and steals it. Unfortunately, her sister Lauren ruins everything before they can enact their latest plan. She goes into Ellen's purse and finds the gun. Equally unfortunate is the douche bag sees the gun and drags Lauren into a room and ties her to a chair and blindfolds her. Then the douche bag bully drags Ellen outside and makes her shoot the gun.

Something that wasn't revealed was the Lauren just got out of a sanitarium; something the douche bag was well aware of, which made what he did to her even more reprehensible. Anyway, he forces Ellen to put Lauren back in there by convincing her doctor Lauren is crazy when she tells the truth about what douche bag did to her.

The show seems to want us to feel sorry for this douche bag because the poor little douche bag has a wife suffering from cancer. But he doesn't feel sorry for anyone in this family he's terrorizing. He knowingly terrorized a woman who just got out of a sanitarium and had her put back inside. He ordered the teen daughter to get rid of her boyfriend who is the father of her baby. He's dug up every little fact on Ellen's past to try and make her think she's a killer so she'll do his dirty work for him and kill the President. There's not one redeemable quality about this piece of scum.

He even betrayed his own people by setting up 3 to be arrested. That's why his little terrorist group is a man down. The guy doesn't even have any kind of loyalty for his own people.

And the previews for the next episode looks like more of the same. Either Ellen knows Duncan Donut's father-in-law or she does some more sleuthing about Sawyer and learns he's her grandfather and hopes maybe if she tells him what's going on he'll get his psychotic son-in-law to back off of her and her family or try to stop him. Either that or she knows him on some personal level. Whatever the case once douche bag finds out we'll be subjected to yet another scene of this terrorist bully and terrorizing Ellen into submission. Frankly, it's starting to get really old.

But like I said, I no longer care if he has a valid excuse for doing what he's doing to this family who did nothing to deserve being terrorized. I don't care if he's doing it all for the greater good. I just want someone to put this rabid dog down so he won't live to bully and terrorize another day.

If he's so hot to kill the President, stop trying to make a woman do his dirty job for him. Cowboy up, douche bag, and do it yourself.


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