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Hostages -- Jake Ruins Everything

Updated on October 28, 2013

And tips off their kidnappers to where they are

This episode picked up where the last one left off. Ellen has to decide to make a run with it with her kids or return home and save Brian's life. She opts to return home to Brian and makes sure the kids get the money and passport so they can make their escape. Jake doesn't want to go without their parents, but Morgan insists they have to go.

They have a few hairy moments when 4 shows up and nearly catches them. As they board the bus and wait for it to leave the depot, they have a scary moment when they think 4 is about to board. Meanwhile inside 4 is trying to bribe the ticket clerk to give her info on Jake and Morgan, but he basically gives her the finger. Once outside 4 runs into some trouble of her own as she gets kidnapped.

Seems she owes the wrong people money. She gets the tar and nicotine kicked out of her. Is it wrong that I enjoyed every moment of it, since she's such a nasty piece of work? Then she demands money from Duncan when she returns to Hostage headquarters and strips off in front of 2 so he can see the bruises on her body.

Ellen returns and with Duncan's help has to perform surgery on Brian to save his life. In the middle of the surgery, Morgan's boyfriend shows up and reveals to Ellen that Morgan is pregnant with his baby. When Ellen goes to confront Brian about not telling her about his encounter with their daughter's boyfriend and accuses him of lying when he says he never met him, she finally realizes Duncan was the one he talked to pretending to be Morgan's father.

Meanwhile the kids make it but Jake out drug pusher du jour just has to phone home despite Morgan warning him not to. Thanks to him they get recaptured and brought home. If I was Morgan I'd kill that little moron. They were free and he ruined the whole thing, the big dummy.

Things continue not to go Duncan's way as 3 tells Duncan that Angela is really dead. He killed her when she tried to escape. So Duncan knew she was alive and was keeping her prisoner at some undisclosed location. 3 isn't sorry about it and justifies what he did to Angela as not being able to kill the president without there being some casualties in the process.

After Brian is out of danger, Duncan decides to terrorize Ellen. He throws her into the trunk of his car and makes her dig a grave. She thinks he's going to murder her and bury her in it. That's when he reveals he just made her dig Angela's grave for him. I don't think I've ever hated the little punk more than at this moment.

He also orders Morgan to dump her boyfriend or he says he'll kill him. He can't have him constantly dropping by the house, since he didn't heed Duncan's first warning to stay away from the house.

So Hostages -- 0 and Kidnappers -- 1.

I actually enjoy the show more when the hostages score one over the kidnappers. Like when Ellen snuck away and met Sawyer and learned Duncan was a fed. It's too bad both Ellen and Jake ruined Brian's plan because it was a good plan to escape and it would have worked. Brian knew he faced being killed but he was willing to make the sacrifice, so Ellen should have kept on going, as she knows what the consequences are if she doesn't. Being forced to kill the president.

I think the scene I hated the most in this episode and there were a lot of them I hated was Duncan throwing in Ellen's face that she killed a rapist that came into the hospital. Then braying how Ellen is a killer. If she is a killer, let's hope you're next on her list, Duncan, old boy.

I can't really say this show has drawn me in to any great degree. It's a show I could easily forget is even on if I had something better to watch during that time and I wasn't used of putting on CBS because of watching Under The Dome in that time slot all summer.

Maybe I might be on team Kidnappers if I knew exactly why they want to kill the president. So far these kidnappers just seem like a band of thugs terrorizing this family. They've already killed an innocent woman. And while it's nice they try to show the decent side of Duncan through his relationships with his wife and daughter, he still comes off as an unsympathetic thug.

Aside from 2, the rest of his group are also unsympathetic thugs. After the way 4 has been so nasty and abusive I could care less if someone gave her a little bit of her own back. It sure didn't make me feel sorry for her. And what bit of likability 3 had went right out the middle when they showed the flashback of how he shot Angela down and stuffed her body in a carpet.

So in the episode coming up tonight they really need to reveal why they want to kill the president. They need to give a good reason why we should root from them to succeed in their plot. They need to show why the president is the ultimate bad guy. They've carried the secret conspiracy plot out a little too long and it's time to let the viewers in on why they want to kill the president. On why Duncan agreed to this and if it has anything to do with his wife's illness. We also need to know more about his father-in-law and why he's so gung-ho for this plot to be carried through to fruition. Just who is his father-in-law? Does he have any role in the government?

The time for answers is now if they want to hang on to their viewers.


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