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Hostages -- Someone Must Pay!

Updated on October 2, 2013

Ellen has to face the consequences for her actions

While Ellen may have managed to put off having to kill the President or having her family killed instead, she was soon to learn Duncan would make her live to regret her defying him. And before the hour was over someone Ellen cares about would pay the price for her defiance.

After the Blood Thinner Incident the CIA was investigating to see who was behind it. They weren't buying it was just an accident as Ellen had probably hoped when she'd done it. Ellen quickly came under scrutiny as she was taken to room and interrogated by the CIA.. If she had any intention of telling the agent questioning her about what Duncan was trying to force her to do it was quickly nipped in the bud when the agent with the head interrogator revealed he's working with Duncan, as well. He truly does have someone everywhere as he claimed.

When she gets home, Ellen finds an empty house. Then Duncan suddenly comes up behind her and throws a bag over her head and drags her down into the basement where he lets her see her family on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs, also with bags over their heads. Duncan demands she choose which one will die for her defiance in not going along with the plan. He then hands her a gun and demands she kills a member of her family. Instead she turns the gun on him and empties it in to him. Unfortunately, the gun was filled with blanks so Duncan is unhurt and he responds this proves she's a killer.

Then Duncan decides that Brian should die for Ellen's defiance and fires his gun at him. But it was just a bluff and Brian is fine, but Duncan proved his point on what could happen if she defies him, again. Next time one of her family will die for real. And since she's delayed thing for two weeks things have just got more difficult.

So he can keep an eye on her family and hear everything they say he decides they all have to be implanted with a GPS tracker. He makes Ellen plant GPS tracking devices under each of her family's skin without benefit of any anesthetic and the pain is too much for Morgan to bear. At one point when she and Morgan are having a heart to heart talk about why she didn't go through with killing the President it appears Morgan might reveal she's pregnant but she can't do it at the last moment. Unfortunately, that's a piece of info Duncan knows and he could use in future to make Ellen do what he wants her to do.

2 who is named Kramer questions why Duncan didn't really go through with killing Brian. Duncan says it wasn't necessary as he proved his point without killing him. Duncan in turn questions 2 if he's still on drugs when he catches him going through a bureau drawer and holding a bottle of pills. Then 4 shows Duncan some texts on Brian's phone and he has her take Brian for a little ride.

Apparently Brian's mistress has been texting him and for the next two weeks everything must appear to be normal, so she takes Brian to his girlfriend's place and listens as he has sex with her. It makes you wish that all cheating men had to go through something hat humiliating knowing they're being watched and listened to as they cheat on their wives, and then are taken home to their wife by the person who knows what they just did. 4 also isn't thrilled when she realizes they're in a plot to kill the President, but 3 has complete faith in Duncan.

Duncan recalls how the whole plot began. His father-in-law introduced him to Quentin and from there the plot to kill the President began. So his father-in-law is in this up to his neck, as well. Why they want to kill the President has yet to be revealed. It seems to be more than just a grab for power by Quinten. Duncan said he had his own reasons for wanting to do this. I keep wondering if somehow the President could be behind his wife being sick. Didn't they have a story on the X-Files that the government had the ability to give someone cancer?

Ellen's friend at the hospital, Angela, is worried she's going to get blamed for giving the President the blood thinner. Duncan suggests that she convince Angela to take the blame for the blood thinner incident. He tells her someone has to and she can't be a suspect or she won't be able to perform surgery on the President and carry out his assassination plot. Ellen does what Duncan suggests and Angela feels betrayed by Ellen.

Ellen has other things to worry about. The CIA wants her to take a lie detector test to prove she had nothing to do with the blood thinner incident. Duncan coaches her on how to beat the lie detector test. Meanwhile Ellen notices 3 is missing just as Angela is sitting in a bar and is approached by someone.

Later Ellen is told she's been cleared of all suspicion and they know Angela was behind it. Her car and a suicide note were found. Ellen rushes home and she lunges at Duncan for killing Angela. Duncan turns it around on her saying she's the one who killed Angela by defying him.

So, just why is Duncan doing this? While he seemed like a loose cannon in the first episode in how he resolved the crisis situation at the bank, he did get all the hostages out alive. And just why do a lot of people in the United States government want to kill the President?

There's definitely more to this story and it'll be bizarre if when we find out we actually root for Duncan's plot to work. Is it possible all these people have good motives for wanting to kill the President? If so, just what could they be?


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