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Hostages -- Taken Hostage

Updated on September 28, 2013

A family becomes a pawn in a game of power and murder

The biggest moment in Dr. Ellen Sanders career has happened as she's been chosen to operate on the President of the United States. Unfortunately, it'll also throw her into a life and death game as a man she's never laid eyes on before tries to turn her into an assassin.

The Sanders family bears no resemblance to Leave It To Beaver's Cleaver family. Husband Brian is cheating on Ellen and his business is in trouble. Daughter Morgan is pregnant. And son Jake owes a drug dealer money.

FBI agent Duncan Carlisle appears to be a loose cannon who'll put innocent lives at risk. During a hostage crisis at a bank he orders a sniper to shoot one of the robbers, possibly putting all the hostages lives in danger. Then plays hardball with the final robber to get him to release most of the hostages in exchange for a getaway car. However, when the robber comes out with his last hostage, Duncan shoots the hostage down, much to the horror of the police surrounding him. He says he had a hunch the robber was disguising himself as a hostage. Just lucky for him he was right. From there he goes from hostage negotiator to hostage taker.

Duncan assembles a team of three people he refers to as 2, 3 and 4, as we see the other side of him. He has a wife in the hospital suffering from cancer and a little girl named Sawyer who he seems to love very much. He leaves his daughter with her grandfather. Does he have any idea just what Duncan is planning?

As the Sanders family is worrying about their own personal problems [Morgan is worried she might be pregnant by her boyfriend Boyd and Jake is worried how he's going to raise the money his father confiscated to pay off drug dealer Nico] Duncan and his crew lay siege to the Sanders' family home.

One-by-one each of the team captures one of the Sanders and brings them to the living room. Morgan is horrified when Duncan and his team pull off their ski masks to reveal their faces, certain that means he's going to kill them all. Duncan quickly explains that if Ellen does what she needs to do to save her family's life, it won't matter if the family knows what they look like.

Ellen is appalled that Duncan expects her to kill the president to save her family and she refuses. He tells her she simply has to introduce a poison he hands her into the president's blood stream and it'll do the rest and no one will be none the wiser that the president has just been murdered. He conceals the vial of poison in a lipstick tube so Ellen can smuggle it in the hospital.

Duncan tries to get Brian on his side by revealing he knows all the dirty little secrets the man is keeping from his wife. He shows Brian pictures he has of Brian with his mistress. He basically says that Brian's secrets will remain secret if he encourages Ellen to do what he wants.

Meanwhile, Ellen isn't just sitting back and she's trying to find ways to thwart him. Little does she know he's had cameras planted all over her house and in her office at the hospital. When she trips the silent alarm to get help from the security company, the man who comes to check if everything is all right is a man Ellen had seen earlier coming out of her office. He planted cameras in her office and stole a picture of her family. It seems Duncan has people everywhere.

Ellen even contemplates trying to cut off one of the fingers on her hand so she can't operate and another doctor will need to be called in to replace her, only she can't bring herself to do it.

Duncan isn't pleased when 2 shows some compassion towards Jake by revealing to him they only drugged his dog Barclay and didn't kill him. Duncan lectures him on not showing any weakness. However Duncan appears to have a brief moment of weakness himself when he discovers Morgan taking a pregnancy test and he helps her conceal it from Ellen. Later, both Brian and Morgan urge Ellen to just do what Duncan wants her to do.

While the Vice President, Quinten, gives the president kudos for picking a female doctor to operate on him, his wife urges him to pick another doctor. Unfortunately, the president has his mind set on Ellen being his doctor. He comments to her that he's sure Quinten would love to take over permanently and he doesn't know how right he is.

When Duncan calls to see how Sawyer is, he asks his father-in-law [that's who I'm presuming it is, since he didn't call him Dad] if HE was there. He turns out to be Quinten. So it appears the Vice President is involved up to his teeth in the plot to kill the President. And his father-in-law seems to be aware of it, as well.

However, Duncan soon learns that Ellen isn't the pushover he thinks she is. She switches a vial of medicine about to be administered to the President with a blood thinner, which stops the surgery from being performed. Now they have to wait two weeks before it's safe to operate on the President. In short, Ellen just bought herself two weeks.

As Ellen is giving her press conference and Duncan is watching from her house there's a moment she looks in the camera and you can see she's imagining she's looking at Duncan. Her look basically says, "Game on."

CBS claims this is going to be a one season show and I really hope they keep with that. I think one season shows might be the future of TV. Sometimes shows are never as good as they were in their first season. Having a show having a beginning, middle and end may be a good idea. It might insure better quality shows are produced.


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