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Hostages -- The Escape

Updated on October 15, 2013

Will Ellen and the kids really get away?

Ellen spends this episode reflecting on moments from the past as Brian pushes her to take the kids and run. She remembers the day she and Brian looked at the house and how much she loved it on sight. Now the house she loved has become a prison for her and her family. She also recalls telling Angela she'd be a part of the President's surgical team and how unhappy Brian was that Ellen had gotten named the President's surgeon.

Meanwhile Duncan visited his wife Nina in the hospital to discover she'd recovered from her latest bout of chemo. She told him she was quitting the chemo and wanted to come home. Duncan, of course, couldn't have it, as Nina has no idea Duncan has dumped Sawyer on her father and is up to no good. So he tells her he knows of a doctor whose doing experimental treatments that could save her but she needs to continue with the chemo and she agrees to stay in the hospital.

2 seems to be well acquainted with Nina and Sawyer unlike the other two team members. So just who is 2 to Duncan?

Duncan is also informed he's been cleared from any wrong doing for the way he handled the hostage situation at the bank. He's then approached by Agent Hopkins for a new assignment. Hopkins doesn't believe that Angela is dead. He shows Duncan a sketch on 3 and says he was seen with Angela before she disappeared.

Brian tries to say goodbye to Jake without him knowing it and apologizes for not being a better father to him. Then when Ellen drives the kids to school she tells them they're making a run for it and for the two of them to cut their GPS's out of them so they can't be tracked.

Brian goes to the bank to get Ellen and the kids some money to live on and discovers Duncan managed to get his bank accounts frozen so he can't get any money. He does get the passports and bus tickets and asks his mistress to put them in his desk at his office. Of course, will she do it and will she do it without looking through it to see what it is.

Meanwhile, Morgan has a fit when Jake doesn't show up to the spot they arranged to remove each other's GPS tracking device. She finds him hanging with a bunch of potheads and he reveals he's not a pothead, he's a pusher selling the kids in school grass. He also says he was arranging for them to be able to sneak away from 4.

One of his stoner buddies phones in a bomb threat at the school and they stick the tracking devices in a kid's backpack, as the kids neatly sneak away right under 4's nose.

When Ellen learns about the money situation she wants to call the whole thing off, but Brian says it's too late. The kids have already removed their tracking devices and they have to go ahead with this as planned. Then he knocks 2 out and escapes.

Ellen goes to a pawnshop to pawn her wedding ring to get some money, but she manages to arouse the suspicion of 3, who demands she report in every 15 minutes. Then he sees Ellen taking off in her car like a bat out of hell and gives chase. 3 gives chase and when he finally manages to make Ellen pull over he finds Brian in the car, instead. It was just a diversion so Ellen could escape.

I have to admit I got a perverse thrill watching these untrained civilians outsmarting a bunch of well trained operatives. Duncan, of course, demands to know where Ellen and the kids are, but he's not talking.

Meanwhile Ellen arrives at Brian's office but the passport and money aren't in the desk. It seems Brian's mistress decided to take her own sweet time about doing what Brian asked her to do and she did look inside. She questions Ellen about when Brian will be coming back to town and Ellen tells her she knows she's been screwing her husband before taking the package from her.

Ellen arrives at the bus station and spots the kids, then she does what I knew was a big mistake before she even does it. She gets on her cell phone to tell Brian she made it. When the phone rings back Ellen is greeted with Duncan's nasty face, then he puts the phone on Brian as he shoots him for real this time. Brian tells Ellen to forget about him and go, but will she? She looks longingly at her children as she decides if she should stay or go?

From the previews for next week's episode we know Ellen leaves the bus station and goes home to save Brian, while the ever nasty 4 is trying to find the kids.

I knew odds weren't good they'd succeed in their escape plan. If they did there would be no show. Although I'm still hoping the kids may be able to escape 4. I don't think they'll really leave, but maybe they could stay under the radar and be able to help save their parents from their captors.

The big question is did Duncan order Angela's death faked or did 3 decide to spare Angela on his own? It does seem that if everything goes the way Duncan wants it, Angela would be a very big problem. What's to guarantee she'll keep quiet. He thinks Ellen and her family will if Ellen goes through with killing the President, but what's to stop Angela from blowing her mouth off?

I also still don't trust 4 and think she could be a mole. She asked 2 how he hurt his hand, knowing full well how he did it, because she was spying on him. She just seems like she's always trying to cause some kind of trouble on the team. She tried to start some dissension with 3, but he's absolutely loyal to Duncan. So now she's targeting 2.


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