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Hostages -- Turning The Tables

Updated on October 9, 2013

Is 4 a mole?

Duncan is always telling Ellen how he's going people everywhere, but what if the opposing group of people [if there is such a group] have managed to plant a mole in Duncan's team. 4 always seems to be trying to undermine the team and cause trouble. First, she's trying to undermine Duncan and then she's trying to undermine 2. She also seemed to get off on seeing Jake beaten up a little too much. There just seems to be something off about her.

Is it possible Angela could be alive? Her body wasn't found and 3 was acting a bit sketchy when Duncan asked if everything was taken care of. If she's really dead, wouldn't it make sense to leave the body behind instead of having it vanish. I really think 3 has got Angela stashed somewhere.

Duncan got a taste of his own medicine when he got a message supposedly from his father-in-law asking him to meet in the park, but when he didn't show his FIN said he never sent him any such message. That's when Duncan realized Quentin had set him up for execution. Duncan gets lucky and evades the sniper's attempts to shoot him down.

That's when Duncan learns the President has decided to get a new doctor. Probably no doubt because of the malevolent first lady whispering in his ear. I don't know if the woman knows about the plot or not, but she's pretty determined to get the President to dump Ellen as his doctor. Is it just because Ellen is a woman? Is she one of those women who is an enemy to her own sex?

Duncan jumps Quentin in the backseat of his car and holds a gun to his head. He also shows pictures he took of Duncan's wife and threatens her if he doesn't do exactly as he says. He wants Quentin to leak the story to the press that the President is dumping Ellen for another doctor to cause the President trouble in the media so he'll feel pressured to reconsider his decision.

It almost works. Enter the malevolent first lady to whisper in the President's ear to stick to his guns about firing Ellen. It's at that point Duncan sends Ellen in to convince the President and his pushy wife that she's the best doctor to operate on the President and Ellen manages to pull it off.

Meanwhile, Ellen hears Duncan on the phone and realizes he has a child of his own. She manages to sneak out of the hospital under the watchful eyes of her watchers and meet Sawyer. She learns from Sawyer that her mother is sick and that Duncan is an FBI agent.

Jake tries one last time to get the money back from Brian, but he refuses to give it. As a result Nico corners Jake and beats him up. 2's first instinct is to go and help Jake, but 4 won't let him leave the car. Later, 2 tracks down Nico and beats the crap out of him warning him to stay away from Jack. Unbeknownst to him, he's being watched by 4. She now knows Jake is 2's Achilles Heel.

Meanwhile Morgan tells Boyd she's pregnant. Boyd goes sniffing around the Sanders house and runs into Duncan who he mistakes for Brian. Duncan tells Boyd to stay away from Morgan and to never return to the house. When Morgan finds out she confronts Brian about what he said to Boyd, and he doesn't have a clue what she's talking about.

When Brian learns Ellen was successfully able to sneak out of the hospital without Duncan and company even being aware of it, he wants her to do it again and take the kids and run. He offers to stay behind and to sacrifice himself for his family. When Ellen refuses to leave him, he tells her he loves her before also telling her he's been cheating on her, hoping that will make her more open to leaving him behind as a sacrificial lamb.

I actually thought this was the best episode so far. It really began to pull me into the show. I really liked Ellen finding out about Duncan's daughter. It'll be interesting if Ellen could completely turn the tables on Duncan. What if only Ellen can save his wife's life, but she'll only do it if he lets her family go? In short, Ellen puts him in the exact situation as he's put her in.

Of course, Duncan may not have the power to end Ellen's nightmare. It may already be too late. Quentin may put a hit out on Duncan, his people and Ellen and her family if he thinks the plot is about to fall through. He already tried to have Duncan taken out when it looked like Ellen would be replaced as the President's doctor.

If 4 is a mole, even if Ellen should do what Duncan wants, has she been given a kill order to get rid of everyone who could expose the truth? Duncan's whole spiel that if Ellen did what they told her to do, she and her family would be let go never really did make much sense. As long as she and her family are alive there's always a risk they could talk, so I think once Ellen does what they want everyone involved with the plan will be execute.

We still haven't heard why Duncan is involved with this plot to kill the President. Every time Duncan's FIN talks to him he mentions his wife and daughter. So it seems like that may be linked to why he's doing this. Has he been promised something to do this in regards to his wife getting better? Or is his wife sick because of the President? Hopefully, Ellen will continue to sleuth and uncover the truth.


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