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Hostages -- Two More Victims Are Claimed

Updated on November 19, 2013

Yep, two more bite the dust

I think I've gotten to the point where I'll be glad when this show finishes its run, as I really don't think it'll be renewed for another go-round, thank God. It really has gotten beyond bad.

We left off with Ellen threatening Duncan's precious little wife. Of course, if you thought she'd manage to maintain her edge over the homegrown terrorists you don't know this show. A doctor came in and Ellen had to release the morphine drip. End of Ellen's advantage and face-off. Duncan Donut told her to go home like a good little girl. This time he didn't try any of his usual terrorist terror tactics on her to punish her for her disobedience and daring to buck him. Why bother? They don't work. She's like the Energizer Bunny. She'll find another way to come at him and challenge his dominance over her.

He then gives her another vial of mysterious liquid she's to inject in El Presidente. He tells her to stash it in a locker at the hospital. Of course, she doesn't do as she's told and has a lab tech analyze it, instead. She learns it's something given to bone marrow donors. Then she manages to get a sample of El Presidente's blood and realizes that he's Nina Carlisle's real daddy and that Duncan Donut wants to kill him for his bone marrow to save his little wifey's life.

Ellen suggests like you know maybe asking him for it instead of committing treason and killing him for it. He claims El Presidente thinks Neener is dead and if he learned she was alive he would kill her. No offense to Mrs. Donut, but having seen the attitude she copped with Ellen, I can kind of understand why he might want to kill her. I saw a real resemblance between Neener and the hatchet-faced first lady. We sure she isn't the mother? No, they showed scenes with another hatched-faced chick, this one blonde, and Ellen's saying that she's Neener's mama.

Brian has a chance to rat out the homegrown terrorists but he decides to keep his lips zipped. Wouldn't have mattered anyway. Hoffman was dead by the closing credits. He wasn't buying what the homegrown terrorists were selling and he was also smarter than these dinks and started putting things together. Although in the end he wasn't smart enough to realize he was caught in a trap with no way out, and another fed whacked him, and made it look like a robbery.

Since every show has just got to have a love triangle in it, we were served up one of the homegrown terrorists variety. Seems 3 and 4 also known as Archer and Sandrine were doing the bumping uglies and Archer doesn't like what he sees going on between 2 and 4. He'd like it even less if he knew they'd been dirtying up Ellen's sheets doing the bump and grind.

While he didn't know about that, he got they were hiding something that involved the money Sandrine owed. So he went to the Weakest Link aka Jake to find out what was going on. He asked about being taken to see Kramer's father and just what happened and her rolled over for Archer like a well-trained dog. So the next time he saw a smug Kramer her threw in his face about killing the limo driver and good old Kramer wasn't so smug and smart after that.

He also told Sandrine he doesn't intend to go down because of her and knows if they got caught, she'd back stab all of them to save herself. Wonder if dumb love sick Kramer is also aware of that little fact.

Chief of Staff Quinten was informed by one of his comrades in the CIA that Hoffman isn't giving up and isn't buying what the homegrown terrorists are selling. CIA agent, Bill Jones, plays some street thugs to kill Hoffman and enlist Duncan Donut to lure him into the trap. In what had to be the funniest line of the episode, DD declared they were not criminals. Well thanks to his Not Criminals a teenage boy is dead.

To prove how much they aren't criminals he enlists 2 and 4 to save Hoffman's butt by stealing his wife's phone and leaving a false message his wife was in an accident.

When the hit on Hoffman doesn't go down, Quentin decides he wants to ditch this cell of homegrown terrorists and hot foot it to greener pastures. So he meets with Hoffman and tells him everything. He also tells him to trust no one. So what does Hoffman do? Why he decides to hitch a ride with CIA Agent Jones, the dude that tried to arrange his murder. The man stops stops claiming he's got a flat tire, which doesn't make Hoffman the least bit suspicious. He gets out to see what's going on and Jones takes him down. And like I said with Betrayal, this week. He shoots Hoffman in the head to make sure he's dead.

Quentin is at a White House function unaware the two big conspirators in this mess know he's betrayed them. Colonel Peephole Blair puts something in his drink while Spider Woman Vanessa informs Quentin his drink is poisoned. She gets rid of the evidence as Quentin collapses yelling he's having a heart attack.

None of these homegrown terrorists with their little assassination plot are doing this for the greater good as they bray about. Spider woman is doing it cause she's got some bug up her gnarly anus about how her brother should have been president if he wasn't dead. Blair just wants to stop the president from taking away his ability to peek into people's bedrooms and making sure all good Americans are having good all American sex and not something kinky and calling it protecting the nation's security. And Duncan Donut wants to whack the president to steal his bone marrow from him. Their all disgusting, and let's hope they get treated as kindly as they've treated all their victims.


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