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Hot Hip Hop - Hip Hop Honey

Updated on May 11, 2011

Hip Hop Models

OK so tonight I was doing some research for a hub that is on a popular topic and Hip Hop music came to mind because it is fun to talk about and I saw the keyword 'Hot Hip Hop'. This gave me the brainwave to talk about some of the beautiful Hip Hip honeys and if you don't know what a honey is then you need to check out the video girls on MTV and that is what you will hear them referred to as.

It is funny that when I tried to include the word 'booty' in my title the Hubpages filter wouldn't allow it, I'm unsure why because it allows the word to be placed in the main body. As far as I know the word 'booty' isn't a rude word and it is mentioned in Hip Hop and mainstream culture in the phrase 'Shake that booty'. The word booty in the dictionary simply means body and is used to encourage Hip Hop girls to dance.

Photo courtesy of iamcfa

Hip Hop Honeys

I have displayed a gallery of photographs displaying Hip Hop honeys from everyday non famous girls to video models who appear in the likes of 50 cent's MTV music videos. I am not a big fan of the gangster Hip Hop but I like rappers such as Nas and some old RnB acts like Ginuwine, I think their lyrics were a little better thought out.

I like the way the Hip Hop girls above are dressed with the gangster scarves and braided hair, even if it has got 'attitude' it is still an individual way to dress and the goody girl dress style bores me!

Photo courtesy of seo2

Video Models

I'm not sure why a lot of people are searching for Hip Hip models or Hop Hop models but I am sure they want to see Latino brunette honeys such the one above who I found under the tag 'Rap'. I love these Tiger patterned dressing gowns that urban girls like to wear when relaxing in seductive Hip Hop videos, I guess it is descended from the funky soul music dress style of the 70's.

Photo courtesy of absinthegarden

Pictures of Hip Hop

Pictures of Hip Hop don't necessarily have to centre around the 'Booty' or the expensive jewellery, they can also focus on the dress sense such the fur hooded coats like this Hip Hop honey above is wearing. I love the dark permed long hair of the Latino girls who seem to love Rap music, the girl in the default photo at the top is wearing an urban red cap which very stylish!

Photo courtesy seo2

More Hot Hip Hop

Another famous Latino Hot Hip Hop babe you are surely familiar with is Jennifer Lopez, she didn't numerous collaborative music videos with rappers such as P Diddy, the girl above is reminiscent of her dress sense.

Photo courtesy of seo2

Hip Hop Model

Finally we come to my favourite honey, she is definitely a candidate for a Hip Hop model because she has such natural beauty plus her thick healthy long hair. I think her dress sense is more representative of true Hip Hop apparel because the camouflage jacket is more urban in nature than bling for example and the cityscape backdrop gives a nostalgia of the 'Old School NYC' music scene.

Photo courtesy of salty_soul


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