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Hot New Picture of Chak De Girl Sagarika Ghatge

Updated on April 27, 2011

 'Chak de! India' gave Monarch Rukh Khan added hit, but it went a semipermanent way in changing the fortunes of the 16 girls who wielded hockey sticks in the wrapper. Chak De! Bharat, the likes of Sagarika Ghatge proximity change on big and soft sieve.
Sagarika Ghatge is agnatic to the favorite thespian Vijayendra Ghatge. She utilised to spiel hockey spell she affected at the Dressing College Girls Building Ajmer. Sagarika Ghate is not a rattling old examine in Bollywood humanity and she was whelped on 8th Jan 1982. She has been in showbiz since 2006 and her picture Chak De Bharat was a extraordinary hit. She has not been very often into movies yet but she has a lot of activity voltage. She is also a top form and was foaled in Maharashtra, India. She is also the emblematic of Reebok.


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    • profile image

      sam 8 years ago

      she is looking so sexy and hot.........