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What is a Hot Photo?

Updated on June 17, 2014
Breaking news are the most common hot scenes
Breaking news are the most common hot scenes | Source
Hot because it's rare (although probably fake)
Hot because it's rare (although probably fake) | Source
Beauty is also hot   Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Beauty is also hot Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. | Source

There are two or three definitions of what a hot photo means. It could be a reference to a photograph of a much desired subject, something that no one or hardly anyone has.

Like a photograph of a little green alien. It could be a reference to an image taken during a spectacular happening or a really important world news event. The simpler use seems to be a photograph of a really good looking girl or guy or of a much desired thing, like the new cell phones or I-pad.

For the first two instances the photos are deemed hot if they are the only ones that exist or they are very few other images. In other words, the images are in some way unique or highly desirable and have a strong market value in most cases.

Often a hot photo is one that has a high immediate demand and can often be the cause of controversy. Remember the recent incidents revolving around some photographs taken of kate middleton? (England).

The image is driven by the demand for it and not much else in most cases. And if this was not enough, ask various people and you are likely to get different definitions of what they consider a hot photo.

For the third example it would simply mean that whomever you photographed is a very attractive and seductive looking person. Whatever definition you choose to apply, the emphasis of your images must totally fall on the subject and very little else.

Here is another popular definition of what makes a hot photo:

"What is "hotness? When a photo is submitted to a photo challenge or theme, the photos that the community likes best become "Hot." Hotness is determined automatically by factors including number of votes, comments, views, and favorites. A photo's hotness is not permanent, but can change based on how the community is responding"

Try to isolate the subject and compose the photo as best you can, paying attention to all of the details. This is often not possible since the circumstances may dictate otherwise. A photo of a subject which is highly in demand will have value, but if it is not technically sound; not clear, not in focus, the subject is too far away etc, then this value goes down dramatically.

Something else to consider, when taking photos of very "hot" looking people, you should carefully weigh the audience that you have in mind as being the principal ones that will look and ultimately evaluate your work. Keep in mind the age group and determine if your material is suitable for them.

A good way to judge if a photo that is not of a rarely seen subject or totally unique, would be to subject it to a critical review by peers. If they judge it to be a good solid picture, then it is a safe bet that it's a hot photo.

When judging what subjects to photograph keep in mind that "hotness" is very subjective and photos of hot looking people may or may not be considered hot. It is better to focus on hard to photograph subjects or those that are seldom photographed. The less images of a subject the higher the demand and the value.

Do your best to capture good images. These will have a higher value and tend to remain "green"; that is, their demand will last longer.

Being creative is half the battle, being creative and technically sound is the pother half. If you manage to accomplish or combine both aspects in each photograph then your chances of being triumphant is that much higher.

© 2012 Luis E Gonzalez


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