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Hot Pictures of Jets Reporter Ines Sainz Revealed

Updated on September 15, 2010

Monday night football fans everywhere are getting worked up about Jets reporter Ines Sainz. She’s a hot lady with striking assets that are tough to downplay, even in conservative attire. What a pity that cat calls from the New York Jets locker room were too grating for her virgin ears. You’d think she was used to a little male attention, especially when in the company of testosterone-drenched barbarians.

Sainz's spoke of the experience on her Twitter page, stating that she was "dying of embarrassment!”

“I am in the lockers of Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez and while trying not to look anywhere! I only see the locker of Mark and I would like to cover my ears," she reported.

Let’s get real. Sending a blonde bombshell into the Jets locker room is like tossing a honey-glazed ham into a cage full of baboons. Of course the Jets players whistled, hooted and hollered.

Word spread to team owner Woody Johnson who assured the “buzz kill” reporter that he expects Jets players and staff to act professional at all times. Let’s hope the team didn’t have to sit through a lecture after the incident, although it’s likely they did.

This professionalism he speaks of is especially apparent when players pour Gatorade over head coach Rex Ryan’s head or overthrow passes to allow for a better view of Sainz’s derrière. Did anyone really expect the jocks in high school to ever grown up?

Ines Sainz cooperated with an NFL investigation into whether the players crossed the line. Perhaps something was lost into the translation from Spanish, but to this cowboy it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. She began with wishy-washy statements to investigators: Ines wasn’t really sure if the behaviour was inappropriate enough to warrant punishment.
Later on Good Morning America she flipped her story 180 degrees.

"I personally believe that if (NFL security) find that (Jets players) are very aggressive in the way they speak about me, yes they deserve (punishment)."

Please note that I do not endorse sexual harassment. It appears that this was a friendly incident that got blown way out of proportion. Ines Saint never instigated any of this herself, as she did not issue a formal complaint against the Jets. Most likely she doesn’t approve of their actions, but doesn’t want to officially point any fingers.

Woody Johnson has already fallen over himself trying to keep the team’s image as politically correct as possible. That level of embarrassment seems an adequate punishment. Let’s keep in mind that the player’s wives are going to a have a field day with this one too.

The power of the internet and media has turned this story into an unlikely giant, and an amusing one at that. It’s a good thing too. Everyone is tired of hearing about flood-related deaths in Pakistan, greedy U.S. banks and a weak economy. The presence of a hot woman can remedy the evils in the mind of a man; at least for a while.

Should the Jets be punished for went down in the locker room? Scroll down to cast your vote or comment.

So where are those hot pictures I so blatantly advertised? You’ll find a stash of more booty-licious bounty below.

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    • profile image

      Zareer Hassan 6 years ago

      this girl pics is vary beautiful and vary sexy

    • profile image

      Ray Roslewicz 6 years ago

      She is NOT that beautiful GO GIANTS IN 11'