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Hot Saffron Burrows in Tempted

Updated on July 16, 2016
Hot Blonde Saffron Burrows in Tempted as Mrs. Lily LeBlanc
Hot Blonde Saffron Burrows in Tempted as Mrs. Lily LeBlanc

Hot Saffron Burrows graced the screen as Lilly LeBlanc in Tempted, one of my favorite movies of all time. Burrows shared passionate sex scenes with Peter Facinelli in the movie, but there is so much more to love about this film.

As a movie from 2001, I can never find anyone who remembers it. So for those of you out there who are fans of it too, here are my favorite aspects of Tempted, beginning with Saffron Burrows. Here she had blonde hair when she usually has brown hair. I think she looks great as a golden blonde. Although the actress has an English accent she does a perfect southern accent in the film.

Saffron Burrows as Lilly LeBlanc

Lilly was the perfect trophy wife: young, doe-eyes that you can get lost in, high cheekbones, and a former Calvin Klein model. Charlie could wear Lilly on his arm and look like a powerful man.

Lilly had the life: she would stay home while her construction magnate husband Charlie raked in the money. She went to yoga class, cooked in a large kitchen, and lived in a big, beautiful Southern-style white house. Now what girl wouldn't want to be her?

If you watch the film carefully, you catch the vibe early on that Lilly might not be such a harmless woman: she talks about how Charlie and her used to go to boxing matches on dates. Not an activity feminine, harmless young women tend to enjoy. She then has a gun at the ready when Jimmy comes sniffing around her bedroom. That was a smart move on her part, though.

Lilly LeBlanc and Jimmy dance to the Blues in Tempted
Lilly LeBlanc and Jimmy dance to the Blues in Tempted

Louisiana Backdrop

If you're not from the South, you might enjoy the in-depth cultural references about New Orleans in the film -- lots of swamps, blues music, dive bars, and good ol' boys. I never really saw a movie based on Louisiana culture, so this was a lot of fun that way. In addition, Charlie's last name -- LeBlanc -- shows he himself is a descendant of Cajun culture.

In one scene, Jimmy and Lilly LeBlanc go to a dive bar to dance to the blues. Lilly is wearing a dress with a slit up the sides and the dancing gets hot and heavy between them. The film plays up the Louisiana vibe as the soundtrack plays swamp noises for the lust generating between the two as they dance. Maybe we should have thrown some hot sauce on those two in the meantime!

Sex Scene in Tempted Movie with Saffron Burrows and Peter Facinelli as Lilly LeBlanc and Jimmy
Sex Scene in Tempted Movie with Saffron Burrows and Peter Facinelli as Lilly LeBlanc and Jimmy

Sex Scenes

The sex scenes in Tempted must have come right out of a romance novel. They were hot, passionate, and intense. Jimmy and Lilly were both aggressive -- arms and legs flailing everywhere. In one scene they broke dishes out of the china cabinet.

There is a lot of feeling in the other sex scene, which took place on the steps. Jimmy was seeking the comfort of Lilly as he had been wounded and also wanted to make love to her rather than carry out Charlie's plan of killing her in cold blood at the cemetery.

Saffron also had a semi-nude sex scene with Burt Reynolds, who played her husband in the film.

Sepia Tone

I don't know if anyone else caught this, but the film had a sepia tint to it that made the footage look moody yet stunning. I loved the gold and orange tones and it really gave the movie the finishing touch for that Southern vibe.

Saffron Burrows Interview


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