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Hot Tamil Mallu Actress Abilasha

Updated on May 8, 2009

Here are some latest hot photographs  of one of my favourite Tamil and Telugu Actress Abilasha. She is actually has great future in Performing of Films because she has good sense of glamor and  glamor is essential part of success in south Indian films like Tamil, Telugu , Malayalam....etc. She is actually beautiful actress in Telugu cinema and she has perform several hot Telugu movies and she has done several advertisements on Television channels.Most of popular actress like her  started their Carrier as advertising model and some of them has perform so many different types of advertising products in television . Advertising is huge and widespread market in whole India because there are  many television channels in Indian and so so many opportunity to promote products using television . So there are big chance to start career as television advertising model. In India and most of the world there are tend to use female model for advertise their products.

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    • profile image

      goopi 6 years ago

      eppa ooka varuvay

    • profile image

      isha 6 years ago

      abhi i like your n/pawam. like to chat you, rukishaq at yahoo

    • profile image

      Kiah 6 years ago

      Kanchi adichiollukkeran

    • profile image

      Spirit 6 years ago

      Spirit queen

    • profile image

      kethaven 6 years ago

      watz up abi....u look hot....i wan 2 kick u...bull zhit

    • profile image

      qamarxfgjfg 7 years ago

      I found this hub through doing some searches about hubpages myself. It is hard to understand why anyone would look for hubpage aunties rather than just aunties, if that is what they want.

      Maybe they are looking for glamorous hubpage authors? I don't think they'll be finding me if that is the case but maybe someone should do a hub about glamourous hubbers

    • profile image

      S. sharma 7 years ago

      i Think nice girl But Uner Arms Hari Clean karo plz

    • profile image

      Ribi 8 years ago

      enthaaaa pooru,.....

    • profile image

      pooja 8 years ago