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Hot Swedish Girls: Shakebao

Updated on September 21, 2011

Chako Paul or Shakebao is a legendary city rumoured to exist in northern Sweden. It was supposedly founded in the 19th century by a rich and man-hating woman as a refuge. Taking in orphans and destitutes, the population (all women) grew to what may now be 25,000. Lesbians are said to patrol the place and men who enter it risk being beaten to death. But, of course, many men dream of going to such a place-if it exists. Males are a rare species there and many of the girls have apparently resorted to homosexuality to fulfill there needs.

Or so said the Chinese news agencies Xinhua and Harbin, causing hundreds of millions of men to flood the internet, crashing servers in China, in search of some hot women from Sweden.

Does it exist or is it made up? If Shakebao is real this is what the women probably look like...

Does Chako Paul exist?

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