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Hottest Janet Jackson Abs Pictures

Updated on April 22, 2019
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I have been watching Janet Jackson for over fifteen years. I have downloaded most of her music videos.

When you say Janet Jackson, I suppose most people visualize the wardrobe malfunction in Super Bowl 2004.The incident was the most recorded and replayed moment in TiVo history. Additionally, 35,000 new subscribers were also added due to it. But then again it could be her abs. Does Janet Jackson have the best set of abs? We think so. If you could have Beyonce’s butt or Janet Jackson’s abs, which would you choose? I know what you’re thinking. Why can’t a female person have both. But we really think it would pretty close to impossible to have a flat tummy and a curvy derriere. Anyway, here are ten of the hottest pictures of Janet’s awesome abs.


I know her abs have been off the charts, but you must be hard pressed for some recent photos. So I’ve included them here. This picture is from when she was holidaying with her then boyfriend, a Qatari businessman, in Sardinia, Italy. I know this may not be the hottest of her abs, but I had to squeeze in a recent photo for you.


This is on the set of Unbreakable. It is sizzling hot. Let me tell you that one of my friends couldn’t get the picture out of his head for days.


Jackson showing off her abs at the second annual BET Awards at the Kodak Theatre in June 2002. This one I’m familiar with having looked at it many times during the period that I was growing up.


This is from the All for You tour. These abs are to die for. Jackson wowed audiences with her abs and won many a fan during this time.


She had the whole industry shook with her amazing abs was the opinion on the street. This photo is from June 2006. Janet is not just a 90’s sex symbol. She has been doing this from the 80s and has kept going into the 2010s. Interestingly, Jackson had suffered with body image issues for years. It’s funny how someone so hot can have these problems with their image.


It looks like she really does love her fans. She is giving them what they want and more. Hers is a sexual revolution that transformed music.


This poster is all about giving the fans the view they want. Hot abs indeed! Unfortunately, I don’t the details behind this poster.


This is so hot, I’ve put up a couple of pictures for you. The pictures are from Men’s Fitness magazine from way back in 2006.


The photo is from the Billboard Awards in 2006. She really has got to be one of the sexiest pop stars on the planet. Let me change that. Maybe one of the sexiest people in the world.


Got to love her bod. Thanks for all of this Janet. We really appreciate it. It must be something to have such a hot body. And then to be so generous.

Jackson loves to show off her body and we are not complaining one bit. Her sexually provocative records and concert tours have got many a guy going. The 52-year old is clearly a sex symbol and the net worth of US$ 190 million doesn’t hurt either. Let’s cut to the chase. How hot is Janet? Sound off below. Give me a second. I want to share with you a quote by Jackson from 2004 which I read was in the lead up to the hot Damita Jo album.

“A lot of people know that sex sells, and I think they use that. For me, it’s something that’s true to me—my friends will tell you that sex is truly a big part of my life,” she told Blender.

It’s like what one music critic had said. All the girls went wild for Michael, while all the guys went crazy for Janet. And with a body and set of abs like that, why would you not?

Coming up next is a post about the hottest music videos Janet Jackson has starred in. We know you just can’t wait. We’ll be getting that one done for you pretty soon. Watch this space and don’t forget to leave a comment below. We love to hear the comments that our readers have for us.


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