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Hottest Male Actors Right Now

Updated on February 18, 2011

Sexy, handsome and talented men


Everyone is writing about extremely serious subjects, so I decided that I am.....NOT going to follow the stream of common topics. So, I asked myself a question – What should I write about?? And during my brainstorming attempts, the greatest idea jumped into my head, I must warn you though, I don’t think everyone will think it’s such a brilliant concept, but hey, if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to read my completely bonkers article. So, here, I am going to tell you about my favourite male actors, not just any random crushes, but probably the most gorgeous men in all the history of mankind. That might be slight exaggeration,  but before you comment, please do keep in mind that I might be affected with pre menstrual hormone craze and might start crying for absolutely nothing, like for example, why did I squashed that spider in the bathroom, because he did not deserve to die in such a cruel way, may god rest his soul. Do spiders even have a soul?? Right, I’m going slightly off the course, so back to the point, I blame this slightly delusional  article on the fact that I haven’t been on a date for a very long time, and I think, well you don’t want to know what I think. Just check out these guys and then we’ll talk. 


1. Alex Pettyfer

I think I could probably stare at his picture for hours, you know just daydreamingJ  This 21 year old male specimen is currently starring in his latest movie a sci-fi franchise” I Am Number Four” , so make sure you catch this chiselled British newcomer in action, I know I will. You can also rent out Tormented and Stormbreaker just to see a bit more of his glorious cheekbones.  Moving on...

2. Cam Gigandet

This 28 year old hunk took my world by storm when I saw “Burlesque” where he stars alongside Christina Aguilera. He also has a new movie coming out in April 2011 called “The Roommate”. He does like to play a bad boy character in a lot of movies, and well, girls love bad boys, I know I do, rent out “Twilight” where he plays James or “Never Back Down”, in the latter movie he is an anger driven fighter, and yes, that does mean he takes his top off quite a lot of times during the movie.


3. Eric Dane

Talking about “Burlesque”, you will probably notice another hottie, the mysterious business man Marcus, played by Eric Dane, you might recognize him from “Grays Anatomy” as Dr.Mark Sloan, and I must say, if my doctor would be that gorgeous, I would probably invent some kind of illness every day, just to go and see him.  So, if watching all the seasons of “Grays Anatomy” is not enough, you can always rent out “Valentine’s Day” and “Marley and Me”, where he has brief roles.


4. Sam Page

If you’re a fan of “Gossip Girl” just like me you probably have noticed this Serena’s love interest, easy-on-the-eye Colin.  He plays in quite a few TV series, so if you want to see more of his...ehm... acting, then check out “Greek”, “Lie to Me” and “Mad Men”, he is also featuring in a new movie called “Starsucker”.  I will most certainly keep an eye on this talented man –god.

5. Sebastian Pigott

I stumbled upon this handsome fella, when I started watching “Being Erica”, a very entertaining TV show, I strongly recommend watching it, very addictive. Back to the point, Sebastian plays Kai Booker, a musician with loads of unsolved issues, a little vulnerability combined with rugged good looks and I am head over heels, I am pretty sure you would be too. He also stars in the ”Saw 3D The Final Chapter”, I don’t really like scary movies, but in this case I will probably make an exception. Eh, the things we do for men :)

 This was my top 5 at the moment.  I will probably never have the chance to see any of them face-to-face, but if I ever do, I just hope that I don’t faint due to the heightened emotions, or throw up for that matter. Well, what can I say, except,  that’s all I’m capable of thinking right now :))


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    • Kristine129 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from London

      :D Let's see if we can do something about it then :)X

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      OMG! I don't see a Garrett Hedlund here!!! TOTALLY SHOCKED!

    • Kristine129 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from London

      You are my first comment ever, and it's positive, it gives me courage to write more, thank you :)

    • Sonicchicc profile image


      7 years ago from Maryland

      I like the fact that you are writing about less serious subjects. My favorites are 1 & 2, complete hotness.


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