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Hottest Movies For 2016!!!

Updated on July 15, 2015

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice

I mean is this really a need to be brought up or discussed??? There have already been talks of this film and another one being brought up later on of which one is a bigger property for DC and more anticipated in 2016 for them. But when it really comes down to it it HAS to be their two biggest superheroes EVER in Batman taking on Superman in one epic showdown. This films first teaser was met with some concern because it just was a bunch of foreshadowing not showing what the people wanted and a lot of people had concerns in the end with what was shown and especially Ben Affleck's superhuman sounding Batman voice when he asks Superman if he "Bleeds" when he's flying above him. When another full trailer came out this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con it was like a complete resurgence for the film and everyone and then some couldn't be more on board and sold for the film and some wanting it to come out right this second so they can see how it will all turn out in the end. The new trailer did tie up the loose ends the teaser sort of just grazed over as a teaser should and told more of the story and basically blew everyone away in Hall H and everyone who clicked play on their phone or computer on Youtube since it is now streaming on there as well. This film was said on AMC Movie Talk's John Campea at the time to be "Something Special" for comic book films and would go beyond expectations and studios will be very happy with money making because having these films and Star Wars within a year it could be very possible that the US has two Billion dollar properties there with Star Wars and Dawn Of Justice but for now its just all talk and heresay until next March rolls around and the lights dim in your local theatre.

Captain America:Civil War

Now this is gonna sound just off my rocker insane to even say but with Ant Man even coming out this weekend Marvel has sort of leaned back and taken a breather from the past when they would go all in all the time with everything like in the beginning some moviegoers were thinking that Age Of Ultron would shatter every record considered since the first one did but when it came out and I even saw it 3 times it made its money but it didn't get to the first ones level just yet. So instead their big bullet they are using now is the Civil War film where ultimately you will see Captain America face off with Iron Man in a movie much like another I just mentioned above. For some time both of these movies were supposed to come out on the same day and Marvel refused to change along with DC as well because of hype and being the biggest competitor when in the end as crazy as it sounds they don't make the winner the moviegoer does and decides who did best. But as production with Civil War went on Jeremy Renner AKA Hawkeye was nice enough to take to Instagram and post things like a set chair with the logo and a big sign with the faces and logo with a catch phrase attached as well. So slowly day by day he would market the movie on the side as well. Another mention was that Chadwick Bosman who is playing Black Panther in the film and his own solo film in the future is going to be in the film for the first time as the character but is said to be neutral and not take sides in his storyline. Another big thing people were shooting for was that either at the end of Ant Man since Marvel is almost legendary for their post credits that there would be a Spider Man addition since he was cast recently or their would be something leading into Civil War and going into the next film smoothly and something so you don't have to look up why they are fighting and everything is going wrong.This is another big tentpole that is set to make Jurassic World money in the US because of expectations and having the Winter Solider directors on to do the film helps since almost everyone enjoyed that movie as well.

Suicide Squad

Now I did do a full article on the teaser for this film and covered all the ends of this as much as I could so I will try and be as brief as I can on it. But this one was basically amped up as the bad guy movie since Sinister Six is dead unless Marvel Studios revives it so seeing the first technical "Bad Guy" movie is exciting and being able to see our first look at Jared Leto as the new Joker beyond the much maligned picture was something people were excited for and when Saturday arrived and that teaser played in Hall H and once Leto said his first words as the clown prince of crime it was like Suicide Squads stock rose from 20 points to 200 in a heartbeat. A reviewer thought that Leto calling his take on the Joker as a "Beautiful Disaster" was disgusting and she stuck her finger in her mouth and its like now its a totally different story cause the way that teaser was done changed a lot of peoples minds and the last time I've seen that done for a movie to get it so anticipated was something like The Dark Knight and that film turned out to be timeless in the comic book movie world so well see.


Way back in 2014 I was out partying with my friend who is borderline obsessed with Deadpool as much as I like The Joker and he was dying laughing watching a video and I didn't get it so I caught his attention and asked what his issue was then he showed me the video that started it all. He replayed the bootleg test footage from Deadpool showing him attacking the car and dancing to Hollaback Girl before he attacks and now after quite a long time of many rumors and what ifs it finally has become a reality. While breaking the rules and watching the bootleg Hall H footage because its DEADPOOL it does add in the reworked test footage and then some and every second of that teaser is just glorious and I am glad Ryan Reynolds is putting his blood,sweat and tears into this because you can tell he cares about it and knows he wants it done right at the end of the day and it will get the justice it deserves when it comes out early next year. Reynolds did reveal at Comic Con that it will be a HARD R rating and he does play to the crowd and break the 4th wall ALOT to almost piss off the crowd to the point of annoyance because it isn't Deadpool if it isn't annoying someone at the end of the day.


This is another one where I saw Days Of Future Past with my brother and was like blown away by how good it was and loved it but needed a reminder when Comic Con came rolling around so I watched it again before the weekend and needing that reminder was nice because it gives you the update of who they added and changed or in any way and of course that BIG scene in the end that leads to making this monumental film that is such a big battle in X-Men history. Oscar Isaac playing the Apocalypse role too is great since he's dipping his foot in just about anything and playing a big role in the key Star Wars films too says we will be seeing a lot of him for years to come too. I am not sure if it was taken down yet but this film was also bit by the leak at Comic Con and after watching the teaser I see that Singer is sort of going all in and taking off the gloves because the first time you see apocalypse without a hood Michael Fassbender drops an F bomb and asks him "Who the F are you??" and it sticks in the trailer so I don't know if it'll stay or what but I didn't mind it because it showed the seriousness and grittiness of it as well. Another thing I liked was the quick flashes of the new characters like Storm and Nightcrawler and how different they look from other interpretations.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Ok you can accost me for this one if you like because quite a few people just straight up hated the first one because of the whole Michael Bay thing and how bad the Turtles looked and Meghan Fox didn't help as well. But this one just adds so much that makes me want to see it like as I was guessing rumors for the film I was saying "What if they added Casey Jones?" and BOOM! cast by Stephen Amell! so Arrow is going to be Casey Jones so almost right there I will see it just to see how he will do and what part he will have in the film as well. Then I heard they added Be Bop and Rocksteady as well and one of them is played by a WWE Wrestler who's like crazy when he's on tv so I thought it was an interesting cast and it was another case to get me more intrigued in this project. The final one might sound weird but after how good Tyler Perry was in Gone Girl for him to get cast in this does intrigue me as well so I want to see what he is in this too and how much he plays into it and the story when it comes time for the release.

Neighbors 2

The first film was basically a walkaway hit and was one of the craziest things I have ever seen and halfway through I said to myself "This has sequel written all over it!" and of course there it was! So it will be interesting to see where they go with this next chapter of this one and how far they can take it too since they basically turned Zac Efron into a man child in the end and had him working at Abercrombie outside in no shirt. So maybe something crazy will happen and he will have to band together with Seth Rogen to get back whoever his rowdy neighbors are this time and see if its funnier then the last one but it does have a hight hill to climb since the first was pretty funny!


Ok well I put this on here because some people simply don't understand it and some understand it way too much but this past weekend they did show footage at the Comic Con panel for Legendary and while it was met with not the greatest reviews because it sounded like over 80% of the film was non believable CGI and almost no real actors/acting in the films so it made the story really hard to watch. Someone in the teaser thats floating around online said that it looks exactly like Avatar and if they wanted Avatar they would watch that. To be honest from my POV they do good with the posters cause the posters looks like the game boxes and something I would be into and gets me interested in the movie but if the movie is something its trying not to be then its gonna miss the boat completely and become another bad video game movie and were trying to not do that anymore so lets cross our fingers Warcraft or the next game I'm going to mention can break that.

Assassin's Creed

Michael Fassbender as the lead in an ACTUAL Assassin's Creed movie?!?! SIGN ME UP! Like thats all you need and I'm in the seat with popcorn there! You don't need to tell me which game they worked from or anything for the story I have already paid and I am watching it because I think he is a GREAT choice for the character to start this off. This film is shooting for a December 21st release for next year so its window is still pretty big to get the job done but it has seen multiple issues and hearing that it was going forward so far to the point where at E3 gaming convention they posted posters everywhere for the film with the said date attached and that could be the studio saying "You see that fans?? Get ready cause were sticking to it!" If anything comes of this expect it to be next year if not next Comic Con as well since its a big hot bed for it as well.

Independence Day Resurgence

Is Independence Day REALLY Forever? After the huge success of Jurassic World bringing an old franchise back does this show that something like ID4 will make money when it comes out and be a big blockbuster much like its original film which is now a staple for some sci-fi films and the way some disaster films are done as well.The cast is a little different because yes you get Jeff Goldblum and the President back but no Will Smith and a couple of young faces attached. The entire cast did a Q&A where they announce the attachment to the title which was Resurgence and the date of release June 24th 2016. So next June we will see if those aliens still have the punch they did all those years ago and if they didn't just know you still have your DVD or Blu Ray to watch at home for nostalgia too.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

When The Deathly Hallows Pt.2 ended some Potter fans hearts started to break and there was a hole there ever since and it has never been replaced because Harry Potter and that series was such a BIG DEAL that when it ended and was over it was literally the "End Of A Era".Enter the Prequel era and Fantastic Beasts. This is supposed to be the next book from Rowling and already has Eddie Redmayne in the leading role with the cast growing daily and there is a rumor too that they are holding an "open cast call' for a young lead much like how they find some other names and this person they find could be the next Emma Watson and then before you know it she's going to be a superstar before the second film in the series comes out.

Ghostbusters 3

July 22nd 2016 is date comedy fans thought would never happen when the sad passing of Harold Ramis sort of was the nail in the coffin of having the crew come back for one last ride in Ghostbusters 3 with Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd riding along as well. Now while both are off doing their own things there is a savior who decided to tackle this role and his name his Paul Feig. Mastermind behind Bridesmaids and Trainwreck. But he thought of the concept that if the guys won't come back why not have it be an all female team of Ghostbusters??? So he cast Kristen Wiig,Melissa McCarthy,Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon in the leading roles and nothing else was reading known about the film until the past few weeks when set photos popped up of them running around while shooting and then Feig took it upon himself to tweet out some shots of the proton packs and the Ecto-1 so everyone really didn't have to eavesdrop on set anymore to get the first shots. Another big thing was the first shot of the 4 in front of the car and that was released a week or 2 ago and it was released with a lot of praise and people are getting very excited for this film and its first trailer.

Doctor Strange

This one won't get much into it since very little has been reported on it except for its cast and the big announcement during Cap 2.

All that needed to be said in Captain America The Winter Soldier was a name and all fans around the world knew this person was coming in the future. When Chris Evans is on the roof asking who else is on the list with him and he rattles off names, One sticks out and its Stephen Strange..The reason why is because he's Doctor Strange and that film is suppose to be heavy on the magic and do something different Marvel hasn't done before and they grabbed someone perfect for the role in Benedict Cumberbatch. There is a character who is like a mentor called the Ancient One in the film as well and it will also be played by Tilda Swinton so having THAT cast already is a gigantic start to this amazing sound film.

Star Wars Rogue One

This is another one where it was released but nothing too big was reported as of yet but casting info for now.

Imagine with the next 3 Star Wars films having more films that are Canon as well as these big 3 coming out? Imagine one that is basically like fighter jets and a war film but Star Wars style?? Thats what was brought to people during celebration for Star Wars Rogue One.. It would involve a lot of the fighter and sky stuff and many other elements but nothing more was brought in because I think they are going to lay it all out during D23 for fans since that is Disneys big festival. The big casting is Daisy Ridley in that one for a leading role and the studio is aiming for a December 16th 2016 release for Rogue One.

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Batman Vs Superman Trailer

Deadpool Comic Con Panel


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