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Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4: Housemates enter the Launch of the Final Series

Updated on August 18, 2017

The news that C4’s Big Brother will be entering its final year was met with tears from fans and cheers from just about everyone else who is fed up with reality TV and its so-called stars invading the public conscience. Worse though is the Celebrity edition, which, in keeping with the genre, serves only to prolong or re-hash failing or fallen careers (delete as applicable).

Of course, that means Celebrity Big Brother 2010 is already underway and sure to take over the nation’s fourth station for the next few weeks until boredom brings it to an early close or controversy propels it to the 10 o’clock news. It also means any unsuspecting channel hoppers might get a sudden shock from host Davina McCall’s shouting at the end of EVERY SENTENCE. It's brilliant, that never gets annoying. Seriously.

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 Housemates

As the opening night is basically the introductory episode, it just consisted of some people walking through a door and pretending to recognise each other while a crowd of 20-somethings took pleasure in booing. Then as means of an ice breaker the all seeing, faceless demigod instructed the housemates to take part in a game of “how many slebs can you fit in a Mini”.

So which band of astonishingly famous people have been roped it for this final act? They are ‘Thong Song’ guy Sisqo, a couple of Jordon’s ex-boyfriends (Dane Bowers and Alex Reid), the obligatory glamour model in Nicola T, actors, Stephen Baldwin and Stephanie Beacham, rapper Lady Sovereign, a Rolling Stone man’s conquest Ekaterina Ivanova and Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, who seemed to be familiar with Baldwin...make of that what you will.

Perhaps the most unusual participants – in that they stand starkly out of place – are former football hard-nut turned actor Vinnie Jones, who really doesn’t need to lower himself to this level given that his career is thriving, and chart topping dance superstar Basshunter. However, eyes should be on them due to Jones’s down to Earth persona and Mr Basshunter is sure to prove more than entertaining if his tabloid antics and recent appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks are anything to go by.

Final Year of Big Brother

Apparently the house design this year is based on Dante’s Inferno, an apt theme given that viewers are likely to feel as if they are entering the inner sanctum of Hell just by tuning in every night. Actually that’s a little unfair as Celebrity Big Brother has had some great moments though hasn’t it? Everyone remembers the larking about during Jack Dee’s repeated escapes, Jack Dee was funny though wasn’t he?

But it’s unreasonable to poke holes in the formula and make fun of the contestants at this stage as literally anything could happen between now and the end. The smart money though would be on there to be a couple of petty arguments over Spam, a walk out in the first week by a housemate happen for the cash/exposure, a bunch of stupid tasks involving ridiculous costumes and Vinne Jones to win barring he doesn’t ruin it by knocking someone out. Well, unless it’s Dane Bowers.


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