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How A Former Celebrity Can Earn A Living

Updated on April 21, 2011

Lynne Spears, Brit-Brit’s mom, is just like the rest of us. Okay, so her eldest daughter is a mega-celebrity. (In fact, just referring to Britney Spears as “Brit-Brit” and readers knowing who I mean is proof enough of how worldly popular this singer/dancer/actress is.) Even so, Lynne Spears has recently dived into the world of selling skin cream--think door-to-door, cosmetics parties, and did-you-notice-my-booklets-at-work selling.

Direct Selling

Rodan + Fields, a carrier of skincare ointments and creams, had originally been sitting on shelves in upscale department stores. Seeing their tremendous success in the world of anti-aging products, they removed themselves from retail and, instead, decided direct selling was a better venture. Similar to Avon, Partylite, and the Pampered Chef, Rodan + Fields now offers the everyday woman the opportunity to direct sell their product line. And Lynne Spears has reportedly jumped on the bandwagon.

This led me to thinking about celebrities and what happens to them if they lose their footing on the covers of our coveted supermarket magazines and their places on primetime entertainment TV. Heaven forbid if Hollywood should wake up and realize that Lindsay Lohan is really not the great actress they imagine she is! What if a celebrity turned around and came to the realization she was no longer the It-Girl? What if her money had run out as so many former stars have had happen? What if she needed something beneficial to do with the rest of her life? Charities are great, but not so much on pay, eh? So, that begs the question: how does a former celebrity make a living if Hollywood has turned its back on her?

What's A Star To Do?

Now, I don’t intend on making former celebrities the victim when they had once held the luck (and, yes, it is 99% luck…okay, maybe 97%) of being a celebrity in the first place. And I’m not saying Lynne Spears should be considered a celebrity from merely being Britney Spears’ mother, but think about her lot in life. She used to be an elementary school teacher, but then had to resign in 2001 when her daughter’s career exploded into superstardom. If she is no longer a part of Britney’s direct camp, what can she do to make a living of her own without asking for handouts from her highly successful daughter? Yes, I suppose since she is the mother of a celebrity and not the actual star, she could try her hand at teaching again. But, let’s face it, she’s Brit-Brit’s mom and wouldn’t that just be awesome for the tabloids to catch her in any unflattering light? Imagine the paparazzi constantly hounding her over the school building walls? Imagine the logistics nightmare on Parent-Teacher Night when all of the parents and their relatives and friends showed up just in hopes of catching Britney sitting in on the meetings with her mama? It couldn’t be done. I suppose she could get a job in a call center where the customer on the other end would have no idea who he was talking to. “Thank you for calling. My name is Lynne. How may I help you today?” Hmmm…that could work, but what about her colleagues gawking at the new family photos that keep springing up on her cubicle wall? And what personal family tales would she accidentally spill to her co-workers over lunch in the cafeteria? Yes, that could also be a problem.

Just Like Scoring A Commercial, Right?

So, maybe direct selling skin cream to other mothers, friends, celebrities could be an exciting and lucrative business for Lynne Spears. Rodan + Fields is excited about the possibilities of capitalizing through individual proprietors, so much the better they have a celebrity consultant on their list. Good luck to all of the celebrity parents and any former stars looking to earn an income legitimately, instead of waiting for the slim chance of getting a call from Dancing With the Stars.


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