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How About Doing Paradise

Updated on November 24, 2012


If you've read my profile then you know I am a casual musician. My son and I play local venues such as barbecue restaurants and even recently began playing at our ACE Hardware store on Saturdays when there is a sale. We don't make a lot of money but we do enjoy playing for the folks who stop by to listen to our music. Some will even pull up a chair in the coffee shop at ACE and sit for a spell. We have met some wonderful people who have taken a break from their shopping to visit with us and listen.

We play bluegrass and most of our tunes are the old Flatt and Scruggs tunes. Rocky Top and Foggy Mountain Breakdown are always favorites for our listeners. We have found that children love to stop with their parents and enjoy our music. Our sets always include banjo, fiddle, and mandolin tunes.

Recently we have played in a Senior Care center in our town. For the whole month of September on Thursday mornings we played a concert for the residents and I did a devotional. We enjoyed playing for these seniors most who seem to nod off during the session but some stay alert throughout and really enjoyed our time together.

My son has a friend who is always wanting us to do Paradise. I think he just asks for the tune because we don't have it in our repertoire as yet but the song sung by Jim and Jesse McReynolds is the tune he likes so well. The lyrics relate to the Green River but not necessarily the Green River that runs by our place here in WNC. It was a great hit for the McReynolds Band.

Bluegrass music and the lyrics to songs are for the common man relating life experiences both good and bad and an expression of the heart found in most genres of music. Whether it is a ballad or an up tempo jig the emotions are captivated.

Bluegrass Music

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    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Tennessee

      up and beautiful! Music soothes the soul...

    • jabbo1 profile image

      jabbo1 5 years ago from Iowa

      great hub! Music is an all powerful thing and when it's good, can move your soul! It's great to have that talent, which I do not, but so much appreciate good music. love bluegrass! Keep on pickin! :-)

    • Cousin Fudd profile image

      RobertElias Ballard 5 years ago from From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina

      Thanks cre8iveOne for stopping by. I know you must be so proud your daughter is also involved in music. Her interest and involvement tell me she is a dedicated young woman who will go far whether in music or another career choice.

    • cre8ivOne profile image

      cre8ivOne 5 years ago from Midwest, USA

      Nice article! Glad to hear you and your son do something so fun together! My daughter is very involved in music, as a bassist in her school orchestra, guitarist for a local singer and a bassist in a rock band. It's great fun going to hear them play. : ) Music is one of the greatest things in life !